Online Extra | The bastion of feminism

Feminism has new weaponry, and I’m more than a little surprised.

The weapon of mass destruction is oiled-up, half-naked grinding women asking to be ogled and worshipped because of their enticing bits and pieces, otherwise known as “beeps.”

All this according to McG, the executive producer of CW’s new show, “Pussycat Dolls Presents: The Search for the Next Doll.” The show is practically a public service since, as McG asserts, it is “sort of like a snapshot of the contemporary woman being everything she can be.”

I wish I could feign shock that a show so exploitive of young women would be shown on TV. But TV executives aren’t likely to pass on this premise: Hot, scantily-clad girls thrusting their “beeps” at the camera. TV shows are constantly conjuring new ways to have writhing, half-dressed females on screen.

The Pussycat Dolls are far from the only pop icons that appeal voyeuristically to the male audience. Unlike other artists who temper sexual visuals with positive messages about women’s independence or strength, the Pussycat Dolls openly proposition the other woman’s man. Does that sound like sisterhood to you?

McG and the young things vying for a spot in the group can say that the Dolls empower women all they want, but I hope they appreciate the ridiculousness of their assertions.

The lyrics that encourage men to take note of their hotness are, as McG suggested, the “third-wave feminism.” If that’s so, then we can go ahead and send out honorary N.O.W. memberships to Howard Stern and Hugh Hefner.

So feminists now lap dance their way to the top and compete viciously for men? It’s a crude male fantasy, and a female’s nightmare.

Most frightening of all is the prepubescent kids that are undoubtedly watching and absorbing. I cringe to think that these girls would feel empowered by being sexualized. And what about young boys who are given yet another example of a woman’s value?

The Pussycat Dolls frighten me because their claim to power is based only on their appearance and sexuality. Because of this, the only real power the Pussycat Dolls possess is the power to debase women far more effectively than any man.