On the Scene | Columbia Festival of Arts

On the Scene was at the scene of the Columbia Festival of Arts opening gala last Friday. Under white tents on the USC Horseshoe, our insider said it was a really nice atmosphere. Not quite a party, but not quite boring.

“You weren’t forced to make small talk if you didn’t want to,” she said.

Bill Wells, Chef Fat Back and the cast of “Cats,” “Ain’t Misbehavin’” and “Nunsense: Amen” performed for the crowd, which The State estimated at about 400 people in black tie attire.

“It could’ve used more young people,” our informant said. “The few young girls there had on colorful dresses.”

The older crowd mostly wore black and gray, thus toning down the gala. “More young people would’ve given it more energy.”

Of course with any high-ticket event ($125 per person), the food must border on exquisite. Our glamorous gal pointed out the Kobe beef burger and pork tenderloin, though she was disappointed in the dessert selection. (Oh that sweet tooth).

“The Scotch was really good, so it made up (for the dessert),” she said.

Any suggestions for next year’s gala? That is, of course, the Columbia Festival of the Arts is around for year two.

Make sure the car valets are back and invite more young professionals.

“The valet was plentiful and prompt,” she said. “There was room for more people, but it didn’t feel empty.”


Al Gore would be proud of Saturday night’s show at the UU Coffeehouse.

The Green Light Tour is three singer/songwriters touring with a message on global warming.

Leslie Sanazaro (St. Louis), Jen Woodhouse (Nashville) and Todd Sapio of Language Room (Austin) will perform. In Columbia, as the trio will do in each of the 22 tour cities, they will perform songs and plant trees donated by local and regional environmental groups to offset carbon dioxide emissions.

They will also raffle eco-prizes.

The Green Light Tour's Columbia show is in conjunction with the Columbia Sierra Club chapter.

Go Green, folks. It’s the thing to do.

The UU Coffeehouse is at 2701 Heyward St. in Shandon. $5-$12; (888) 849-4224, ext. 4.


Think you’ve been to a house show before?

Ann Dreher has been hosting a play titled “Fefu and Her Friends” at, well, her house. The production began Thursday, but there are shows tonight through Sunday.

If you're interested in going, you can reserve tickets by calling Liz Webb at (803) 733-5978. But do it quickly because seating is limited, as the production is in a house.

To find out more about the production, go to http://www.fefuandherfriends.org/.