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Where to find the best coffee-flavored cocktails in Columbia

Goat’s XXXX espresso martini
Goat’s XXXX espresso martini dsellers@thestate.com

Columbia’s hot summer days may put the kibosh on a lot of activities, but getting your jolt of caffeine shouldn’t be one of them.

Go Columbia went in search of some of the best caffeinated cocktails in town. From espresso shots to a French press to a newly released coffee spirit, these cocktails are just like a personalized cup of coffee – with a kick of more than just caffeine.

Goat’s XXXX espresso martini

Since Goat’s is Five Points’ answer to cool, eclectic dining, it should come as no surprise that Goat’s drink menu includes an espresso martini.

A quadruple “X” espresso martini.

“Every ingredient has caffeine in it,” said owner Olando “Oppie” Patterson. “Everybody does an espresso martini, but that wasn’t good enough.”

The drink is made with Van Gogh Double Espresso vodka, Kahlua for “depth,” Bailey’s espresso cream for, well, creaminess and a shot of chilled espresso.

“Another friend of mine calls it ‘awesomeness in a glass,’ ” said Patterson. “It’s just a good cocktail.”

2017 Devine St. (803) 708-4495, www.facebook.com/Goats2

Kaminsky’s tiramisu martini with Night Train

Kaminsky’s new take on an old martini is like the dessert bar itself: decadent, delicious and dangerous. Chris Mastasio, bar manager, said Kaminsky’s just finished celebrating the launch of Night Train – an 80-proof coffee spirit with Columbia roots – that the restaurant is introducing by way of a tiramisu martini.

“We’re the first restaurant anywhere in the country to put it on our menu,” said Mastasio. “As soon as I tasted it, I started throwing things together and playing with it.”

The tiramisu martini is the first of many concoctions that you can expect to see on the menu featuring Night Train. All aboard!

930 Gervais St. (803) 550-9979, www.kaminskys.com/home

Nonnah’s B-52 French press

You really can’t go wrong ordering anything at Nonnah’s. Everything is such an embarrassment of sweet riches that you have to balance it out with some coffee – in this case, A B-52 French press coffee, layered with Kahlua, Bailey’s and Grand Marnier.

“Coffee drinks are always very popular here at Nonnah’s,” said Bryan Caulder, general manager. “The French press is definitely a nice, strong coffee that complements the cakes really well. We just started making the B-52s regularly, so it’s gaining traction.”

The drink is believed to have originated in the 1970s with a bartender and fan of the iconic B-52s band. They would definitely serve this at the “love shack.”

923 Gervais St. (803) 779-9599, www.nonnahs.com

Dwaun Sellers, dsellers@thestate.com