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5 miutes with artist Heather Michele

Artist Heather Michele.
Artist Heather Michele. Submitted

Heather Michele is a rising star in the Columbia art community. After her first solo show in 2015, she’s been in the mix with her unique style depicting black life and black love.

Q. How long have you been painting?

A. I've been painting for a little over 10 years.

Q. What got you into painting?

A. I paint because it is what gives me my peace of mind. I love to explore portraits.

Q. What subject matters do you love to explore?

A. The intricacies of what make people different. The different colors and features that I can put together to make something great is what I love.

Q. Do you feel Columbia is supportive toward artists?

A. I feel like Columbia is slowly growing to support artist. But there are many missed opportunities that are not forwarded to local artist.

Q. What’s next for you?

A. I'm planning on using this upcoming year to refocus on my art and what made me fall in love with art in the first place.