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5 minutes with wellness guru Jennifer Hamre

Jennifer Hamre is president and CEO of the medical wellness center Endless Vitality where she strives to help patients live their best life.
Jennifer Hamre is president and CEO of the medical wellness center Endless Vitality where she strives to help patients live their best life. Submitted

Self care is important, and Jennifer Hamre lives and breathes that sentiment.

Hamre is president and CEO of Endless Vitality, a medical aesthetics and wellness center in Chapin where she helps people feel great again and stay feeling great. Each day, Hamre works to empower patients through education, convenience, and choice. Get to know more about what she provides to clients.

Q. Tell us a little more about who you are and your certifications?

A. I’m originally from North Dakota and I have a Master’s in Health Administration and a Health Administration Leadership Certification from Des Moines University College of Osteopathic Medicine in Des Moines, Iowa. There, I was president of the Health Care Leaders Association and received the 2009 Dean’s Scholarship award Outstanding Young Leader.

Q. Why is self care important?

A. I believe we live in a culture that is extremely demanding, one that puts life in fast-forward. The pressure to do more, have more, and be more only increases with time. I believe that much of this pressure is self-induced and can be corrected.

We are forgetting to put ourselves first and the lack of self care can have a negative effect on our mental strength, and on our capacity to live our lives in a more positive light. This in turn causes us to have a negative view about ourselves. Ultimately, this negative self-thought has a ripple affect causing those around us to also be affected negatively, especially those closest to us — family, friends, and loved ones.

Q. Tell us a little about Endless Vitality?

A. Endless Vitality is a medical aesthetics and wellness center that has a daily goal of helping people feel great again and stay feeling great. For patients, we enhance or bring to light the unique characteristics that make each person special and further paint the picture directly to the patient just how exceptional they really are.

I associate my facility with a tool box where each treatment is a tool to help patients cut loose the mental handcuffs that are holding them hostage and creating that negative self view.

The stories patients share with me daily are very unique in background but very common in theme. There’s almost always something that is making the person unhappy, that is always in the back of his or her mind. At the end of each of my visits with patients, I tell them that whether or not they choose to use one of my treatments, they should make a promise that they’ll put themselves first again. Whether that’s grabbing a bottle of water and rehydrating to feel better or stopping at a park and taking a walk. Most importantly, I ask that they stop saying negative things about themselves.

Q. What are some of these ‘tools’ you offer?

A. We offer everything from liposuction and fat transfer to cellulite procedures, ultherapy, plasma therapy, botox, chemical peels, and advanced esthetician services such as permanent make-up microblading, eye liner, blush and lips.

My goal with each patient or visitor is to bring that person back to good again, back to a place where he or she can view themselves in a positive manner. If I can help accomplish this one patient or visitor at a time, as a society we can start to allow ourselves the time for self-care and allow ourselves to slow down. By doing this, we create a more malleable and positive culture for ourselves.

Q. Do you have any future plans?

A. Where do I start? I want to extend my reach and continue to help others help themselves. And I will continue to seek out additional locations along the East Coast and across the nation where I can deliver this message. I genuinely believe that we can create the culture we so desperately desire, but we must start with ourselves.