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Your guide to food and beer pairings at the SC Food Truck & Craft Beer Festival

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Anytime you have a lot of food and a lot of beer, the natural thing to do is try to pair them together.

The CraftBeer.com Beer and Food Pairing Guide approaches pairing by looking at common individual food components and comparing them to the six main beer flavor categories: Crisp & Clean, Malty & Sweet, Dark & Roasty, Hoppy & Bitter, Fruity & Spicy and Sour, Tart & Funky. The potential interactions between the food and beer are outlined and an approachable dish is recommended.

For example, rich meats (like a steak) and root vegetables pairs with sour, tart and funky beer. Shellfish pairs with fruity and spicy beer. Pork pairs with hoppy and bitter or fruity and sweet beer.

Of course some people think IPAs taste good with everything, or prefer sours whether they’re eating turkey legs or burritos. But if you’re adventurous with your food and beer and are a believer in pairing the right beer with the right cuisine, here are some pairing suggestions at the South Carolina Food Truck and Craft Beer Festival:

▪ Lobster Rolls from Lowcountry Lobster with Narragansett’s Fresh Catch.

▪ Crabcake burger from Size Matters BBQ & Seafood with Steel Hands’ Golden Ale.

▪ Spicier options from The Feathered Fin with Stone’s Delicious.

▪ Empanadas from West Indian Kitchen with Kona’s Big Wave.

▪ Deep fried rib tips from Taste Like Chicken with Golden Road’s Wolf Pup Session IPA.

▪ Turkey legs from Turkey Liciious with Southern Tier’s Swipe Light.

▪ Jerk wings from Pearls Wingz and Things with Columbia Craft’s Lager.

Here are some suggestions for a hard cider and hard seltzer:

▪ Baked goods fromSweet Pink Treats or Crave Cupcake Boutique with Bold Rock Rose hard cider.

▪ Hibachi sushi bowl from Dragon Korean with Bon & Viv Seltzer.