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5 minutes with DJ Liv

Sean Livingston, known to many as DJ Liv, is a curator of mood in the Columbia music scene.
Sean Livingston, known to many as DJ Liv, is a curator of mood in the Columbia music scene. Submitted

A disc jockey isn’t just someone who plays the latest hits. DJs are curators of mood, someone able to turn a long work week into a night of “worth it” moments. One of the people in Columbia keeping this tradition alive is Sean Livingston, or DJ Liv as he’s known to most people. If you ever see his name on an event in town, go!

Q. What are some of the pros and cons for DJs and hip-hip fans and creators in Columbia?

A. Columbia hip-hop fans have always been in the middle of the road when it comes to music. That allows for DJs to flex their musical muscles when it comes to what they play and when they play it.

As a creator of hip-hop, the influence of the entire country seems to influence our music here. We are not one monolithic group, our music scene is expansive.

Cons: I believe music on demand and services like Spotify and Pandora have significantly changed the way partygoers feel about music. Many feel like a DJ is supposed to play whatever is on their personal playlist as opposed to the DJ considering everyone in the party. Can you imagine 20 phones being shoved in your face and being asked, “Can you play this next?”

Q. What are you favorite events to play?

A. My favorite events are those where I can play music from all eras and genres because of the diversity of the audience. Music is a great unifier, there’s beauty in it. I get the most joy watching people of all ages lose themselves in the music because of its ability to move us in ways that few other things can.

Q. What’s next for you?

A. I will be be launching my podcast “LivOutLoud” this summer where I will discuss the latest topics and everything from A to Z. Also, you can catch me DJing at several venues in Columbia this summer, so keep an eye out.