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30+30 exhibit celebrates local photographers’ interpretation of the world

“The Incredible Hulk.”
“The Incredible Hulk.”

How photographs are taken has undergone considerable transformation through the years, evolving quickly during the past decade to the point where phones take about 85 percent of the estimated 1.2 trillion photos taken yearly.*

But throughout the rapidly changing photographic technology, one thing as remained constant: Pictures can tell stories and emit emotions like nothing else.

Such images are what is on display at the 30+30 exhibit at the Gallery at City Hall through June 28.

The exhibit showcases the work of 30 local photographers celebrating their vision and interpretation of the world. The exhibit spans more than 50 years with artists producing images that spans the range of photographic disciplines.

The show is sponsored by the newly formed Photographic Society of South Carolina and strives to focus attention on the role of photography and celebrate the diversity of the art form in South Carolina.

Mary-Louise Miller, with the Photographic Society of South Carolina, took time to talk about the exhibit.

Q. What was involved with putting together more than 50 years worth of photos?

A. We asked that the photographers give us their best shot/image for the show — the only criteria, so it was self-edited. There are a lot of other photographers that we would have loved to have participate, and hopefully we will see their work in future events.

Q. What were you looking for with the photos?

A. The submissions were really amazing when they came in, as we did not post any criteria to the photographers other than no commercial work and no weddings. We were looking for the photographers to show us their best personal work — one image was all that they could submit, so it required that they really focus on their content and what they wanted to communicate about their work. We really wanted to pull the community together and to see what they wanted to share. We were amazed at the diversity of work.

Q. What will people glean from this exhibit?

A. I think the more you see photography outside of the photographer milieu of everyday social media and advertising, the more one understands this most modern of art forms and how it that visually communicates differently from the other arts forms. Color, form, content vary from each photo, yet are comparable in a more formative manner.

Q. What should people pay particular attention to?

A. There are so many different “styles” of photography in the show. From the abstract to the minimalist image; the pop of color; the decisive moment; the tension in the human interaction; the divergent angles; the beauty of the setting; and above all, the lighting and how light itself tells a story.

Q. How do you think the show focuses attention on the role of photography in South Carolina?

A. This is just a beginning of our exploration of photography in South Carolina. We are not necessarily looking for focus attention on the role of photography in South Carolina as we are in exploring the work of the many photographers in our state or of those who have photographed in our state. We are not creating any “portfolio” of photography about South Carolina, but are interested in the individual expression of photographers or artists using photography. There is a big difference.

Q. How did the show get its name, 30+30?

A. A PopUp show was held Jan. 30 and it took the name of the date plus the fact that we asked over 30 photographers to join the show. The name 30+30 was used for the January PopUp and was a fundraiser for the Photographic Society of South Carolina.

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If you go

When: 9 a.m.-5 p.m. Monday-Friday through June 28

Where: Gallery at City Hall, 1737 Main St.

Cost: Free

Details: www.facebook.com/PhotoSocietySC