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Eye on `Idol': J-Lo didn't get the fire burning

So, how'd you like Latin week? Not so much?

The warm and loverly Coach J-Lo tried her best to add some spark, but there have definitely been more exciting weeks on ``American Idol.'' The proceedings lacked that fire, that passion we've come to expect from this stage of the ...

I now interrupt my tangent for a special report on the Sanjaya reign of terror. During Tuesday's performance show, the hair-raising boy wonder went last, in a spot usually reserved for, um, good singers. Whatever. ``Idol'' producers always exploit the contestants that get them the most headlines.

Or maybe they truly believed in his rendition of ``Beso Me Mucho,'' which, admittedly, was one of the more memorable performances of the night.

Putting aside his dreadful Wham-meets-''Miami Vice'' look, Sanjaya scored points for singing on key and, as a bonus, in Spanish. Do I have respect for his tactics? Yes. Do I still want him gone from my life forever?

Without question.

Now, back to my regularly scheduled rant ... vixen Haley Scarnato was sent packing Wednesday night. At least she can fit all of her clothes into one small bag. Personally, I was rarin' to see fellow-bottom-three'er Phil Stacey get the boot. That guy just bugs me. First of all, stop it with the hats. Second, act disappointed when you find out America doesn't love you. Don't grin goofily and say, ``We're blessed to be here.'' Frown a little, for God's sake!

And how about poor Chris Richardson, stuck in the world of ``I'm not Blake.''

He temporarily landed in Loserville with Phil and Haley, despite giving his all to ``Smooth'' the night before. Don't get it. Don't get it at all.

Doolittle, Jones, Lewis and Sparks continued to dominate with voters, even though Simon found fault with the first two. To be fair, Melinda and LaKisha did play it very safe. Jordin and Blake, on the other hand, turned Latin into lemonade with ``The Rhythm is Gonna Get You'' and ``I Need to Know.''

But overall, to quote the great philosopher Randy Jackson, this week was just OK for me, man. I wasn't, like, jumping out of my chair or anything.

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