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Columbia on the halfshell: Oysterfest pleases

From frat guys to families to shirtless, tattooed bikers, Columbians of all varieties gathered at Capital City Stadium on Saturday, spread their blankets on the grass and started shucking — oysters.

I was at the 12th annual South Carolina Oyster Festival.

It was hotter than David Hasselhoff, and I saw more than an eyeful of beer guts (not just on men), cleavage and chest hair as people stripped down to the bare minimum and sprawled out in the sun.

But who could blame them?

After stuffing myself with oysters (fried and steamed), passing out on a blanket in the grass to the music of Mystic Vibrations didn't seem like such a bad idea.

The beer was reasonably priced, the oysters were fresh and there was music for all tastes. The Blue Dogs highlighted the event, and they were quick to remind the crowd of the oyster's power as an aphrodisiac.

And for people who think oysters are slimy, there were other goodies, such as funnel cakes, French fries and corndogs.

The only thing I did mind about the festival was shucking out four bucks for an oyster shucker.

Next time I'll bring my own.