‘Southern Charm’ star getting his own show on Bravo, is on the hunt for love

Bravo finally announced the news: Shep Rose of Hilton Head Island and “Southern Charm” is getting his own show.

The new show, “RelationShep,” will feature Shep traveling the country “in search of true love and a committed relationship.”

This should make his “Southern Charm” co-star Cameran Eubanks very happy because she is awfully worried about Shep ending up alone and with no shoelaces, just like Thomas Ravenel on last week’s “Charm” episode.

I was convinced Cameran and Shep would end up together one day, but Cameran just announced she’s having a baby with her medical hero husband.

So there goes my idea for their spin-off, “Cameran and Shep: I Told You So.” And I doubt anyone would ever watch “Cameran and Shep: Exactly What They’ve Been Saying They Are.”

Shep isn’t the only lovable cad to get his own Bravo spin-off. Jax Taylor of “Vanderpump Rules” — who makes the occasional cameo on Shep’s Instagram — will star in “Jax and Brittany Take Kentucky,” a show that sounds like it stole the plot of Pauly Shore’s 1993 movie “Son In Law.”

But let’s face it, we only care about Shep right now. Why? Mostly coincidence and geography. Also, because he’s fun to watch.

Here is a roundup of fun sort of facts that I know about Shep’s new show:

▪  He might be filming it now. His Instagram is currently full of photos from Texas, including this video of Shep getting super meta:

And this photo, which includes a “murder of his friends.”


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▪  But honestly, who knows? The guy travels a lot to begin with. He always seems to be in New York City (hanging out with Colin Jost from “Saturday Night Live”?) or in Los Angeles. He’s also posted pictures from Nicaragua and Costa Rica.

▪  One thing I do know, though, is that Isle of Palms doesn’t want his show to film on their island because they apparently think “Southern Charm” is “Southern Sodom and Gomorrah.” The city council gave Bravo its final word on the matter this week. The Moultrie News reported that one person at the meeting said, “If it doesn’t portray our beach in a family-oriented setting, I have no desire to have it here.”

▪  Bravo isn’t calling this a spin-off, but come on. That’s what it is. Maybe I’m wrong. Maybe Josh Halpert, a vice president with the show’s production company, can sell us on this odd distinction. The Moultrie News reported him as saying to the Isle of Palms city council this week: “It is not a spin-off. This is an entirely separate show that will have certain members of (‘Southern Charm’) in it; however, it is very different.” I mean, I admire his effort. People get so riled up about “Southern Charm” and how it reflects on Charleston. But no self-respecting Bravo TV fan would ever blame reality stars’ behavior on an entire town. This isn’t MTV. This isn’t “Jersey Shore.”

▪  Oh, and here are some of the guesses we made back in February on what Shep’s new show might be called even though we were all pretty certain it would be the same name as his Instagram account because it’s pretty perfect: “ShepWrecked,” “I’m Not Going Down with This Shep,” “A Rose for the Lady,” “The Shepford Wives,” “Rose, Rose, Rose Your Boat Gently Down the Stream,” “Sheppity Do Dah,” “Shape Up or Shep Out” ... I could go on for days.

If you need more Shep in your life, check out this video tour of his beach house:

Or catch up on this season’s “Southern Charm” recaps here.

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