Men, are you willing to bare your butt? You can get paid to be on TV — as a corpse

A casting call has gone out seeking a man to play a naked corpse in a TV show being filmed in South Carolina.
A casting call has gone out seeking a man to play a naked corpse in a TV show being filmed in South Carolina. MIAMI HERALD STAFF

A TV show being filmed in South Carolina issued a casting call for a specific role.

It’s not the title role in “Mr. Mercedes,” an adaptation of a Stephen King novel that’s being filmed in Charleston. It is not even a speaking role.

The part being offered is for a male corpse — a naked one.

A body double is being sought, according to a Facebook post from Tona B. Dahlquist Casting.

The agency said it is seeking a “fair skin Caucasian male” for the part, further describing the actor between 5-foot-11 and 6-foot-2, with an “average build,” according to the post.

Additionally, the actor “must be fine having their BARE rear end filmed while portraying dead body,” the agency said in the post.

Because the role requires filming in the buff, the actor who lands the part will be compensated for appearing in his birthday suit. He will be paid $500 as part of the “partial nudity pay rate,” the casting company said in the post.

Those interested in auditioning for the part are asked to send two current photos, “Close up and Full length with clothes,” to The emails should also include height, weight, clothes sizes and “description of visible tattoos,” the agency said on Facebook.

The scene is scheduled to be filmed on Thursday, according to the post.

“Mr. Mercedes” is about “a retired detective and the serial killer that continues to taunt him,” and airs on DirecTV and U-Verse, AuditionsFree reported.

This is the third season of the program starring Brendan Gleeson, and production was marred in March when a special effects technician was electrocuted while filming in the rain, according to Den of Geek. The technician survived but has undergone multiple surgeries.

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