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The State newspaper in each Sunday’s Your Home section will feature a "Homebuyers" profile. We are inviting readers to participate so others can learn from their experiences.Please fill out the following form (All fields required):

* Name

* Phone/E-mail

(Will not be published)

* What neighborhood is your home in?

* How many bedrooms and bathrooms does your home have?

* What is the square footage?

* Are there any other special features?

* How much did your home cost?

* Why did you buy your home?

* How did you buy your home?

(For example: Saved up a down payment; had a nest egg; borrowed from my 401K.)

* How many homes did you look at before you settled on the one you bought?

* What features made you settle on this home?

* How many people live there or will use the home (for second homes)?

* What is the biggest lesson you learned?

* Can we send a photographer to take a photo of you and your home? If yes, what is the best time?

QUESTIONS? Call Kristy Eppley Rupon at (803) 771-8308.