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Building for natural beauty

A timber frame home is different from a traditional home in a variety of ways. Here are some facts:

  • The home uses "mortise and tenon" lumber. In other words, the ends of the timbers fit together at each end. Wooden pegs are then inserted to help hold them in place. No nails are needed.
  • The concept is similar to a log cabin, but the finished product does not look like a log cabin. In fact, any kind of finish can be used for the siding.
  • In many timber frame homes, the frame is actually the showpiece of the house. Once complete, the wooden frame is exposed on the inside. Douglas fir and white pine are typically used, and the pegs are made of oak.
  • The building style has been used for centuries, but the wood now is typically carved with machines -- instead of hand-carved -- to create an arts and crafts-style look.
  • Information: Call Steve Beckham at (803) 779-8051; stevebeckhamarchitect. com; timberpeg. com

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