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Midlands water restrictions

Kershaw County (updated Sept. 9)

 Eliminate washing of residential vehicles, sidewalks, driveways and parking lots

 Limit irrigation to two days per week: odd-numbered addresses on Wednesday and Saturday, even-numbered on Thursday and Sunday.

Tickets will be issued in $50 increments, up to $200. After one warning, water service will be terminated. Customers will need to pay to be reconnected.

Duke Energy is restricting use of irrigation pumps on all 11 Catawba River basin lakes until lake levels return to normal. Kershaw and Fairfield county residents who live along Lake Wateree have been ordered to stop using their lake irrigation pumps Sept. 25 or risk losing them

Residents who don’t comply face a first offense warning. Pumps could be cut off from the lake for a second offense.

Duke is considering stiffer penalties after that, including loss of dock access for up to five years, among other ideas.

The Lugoff-Elgin Water Authority also issued some mandatory restrictions for Lugoff and Elgin residents, but no penalties are being enforced.

Northeast Richland

Water restrictions were lifted Sept. 25.

Central Lexington County

Affects about 2,000 homes and businesses in the Gilbert-Summit Rural Water District, a 40-square-mile area supplied by six wells.

Residents may not water landscapes, wash cars, hose down driveways or other outdoor water-using activities.

Voluntary reduction in household consumption is requested.

The ban could last until Labor Day, when a new well is expected to be ready.


Residents have been asked to stop watering lawns, washing cars and hosing off driveways. The voluntary restriction also applies to Monetta and Ridge Spring, which get water from Batesburg-Leesville.


Gilbert-Summit Rural Water District customers had been restricted from watering lawns and washing cars during part of the day, but that restriction was lifted.

Outdoor water use is permitted daily from 10 a.m.-4 p.m. and 10 p.m.-4 a.m. for small tasks, such as washing cars.

Residents will be allowed to water their lawns on alternate days — Sunday, Tuesday and Thursday for even-numbered addresses and Monday, Wednesday and Saturday for odd-numbered addresses. No irrigation is allowed Friday.

-- From staff reports