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Spring Fashion 08: The Backstory

The State's first online fashion show didn’t have the million-dollar budget of most music videos, but it does have a million-dollar lineup of talent:

Staff photographer Kim Kim Foster Tobin created the storyline, planned each shot, worked with the models, took thousands of photographs and produced The State’s first online fashion show in a matter of three weeks.

She employed an able team on the shoot: Photographers Lindsay Semple and Tracy Glantz; features editor Betsey Guzior and features staff member Natasha Derrick. That doesn’t even count all the folks who covered for those folks to devote time to this effort.

Model Dana Andrews -- in between rehearsals with local band Everything After -- gamely posed for the cameras through long days in several locations. Her only pay? Lunch each day. As you will see from the shots, the camera loves Andrews as much as her fans.

The band also contributed its single, "Not a Lie" for the show. Check out more of their music at their MySpace Web site.

The day we needed a male model, Andrews coaxed Everything After drummer Jody Wilson to pose for us. He patiently hung out for the inevitable hurry-up-and-wait process of shooting, took wonderful direction, but adamantly refused to wear a pink shirt. We forgave him and still paid for his lunch.

Stylist Robin Cowie Nalepa -- a fashionista herself -- coordinated the look for spring with the help of a dozen local stores. She amassed more than $10,000 worth of clothing for our shoot.

Mary, a clothing boutique on Saluda Ave., and the 1425 Inn on Richland Street allowed us to shoot on location, invading them for hours.

So here’s a big glossy air-kiss to all those who helped pull this off.