Latest News Bowl receives tie-in with hometown SEC

BIRMINGHAM, Ala. | The Bowl could feature a Southeastern Conference team the next two seasons.

The NCAA approved recertification of the bowl Wednesday, and the Dec. 29 game now has a tie-in with the hometown SEC. The 2-year-old bowl had matched teams from Conference USA and the Big East.

Conference USA moves to a new bowl against the Big East in St. Petersburg, Fla.

The Bowl has a two-year deal to receive the SEC's lowest bowl-eligible team. That gives the league nine automatic bowl berths — if the SEC has that many eligible teams. If not, the Birmingham game will have to find an at-large team.

South Carolina was bowl eligible last season but sat out the postseason when the SEC filled its eight slots.

The switch to the SEC will cost fans a few bucks, though: Ticket prices will go up from $30 to $40.