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Baseball stadium Q&A

Frequently asked questions about USC’s new baseball stadium.

Question. What is cost of the new stadium?

Answer. $35.6 million, with the construction portion $24.7 million.

Question. How is the stadium being funded?

Answer. Through bonds and from philanthropic efforts through the Athletics Department Capital Campaign.

Question. Is the stadium on schedule?

Answer. About 34 percent of construction has been completed. Sod installation will begin around July 1, and the field should be ready for practice on Sept. 1.

Question. How many are working on the project?

Answer. From 125 to 250 construction workers on any given day.

Question. Have seating plans, ticket prices and prices for the suites been established?

Answer. USC is working on this, with input from the Gamecock Club and the athletics ticket office.

Question. How much parking will be available?

Answer. Parking in the stadium vicinity will consist of approximately 1,500 spaces between Blossom, Catawba and Huger streets. Parking areas north of Blossom and east of Huger will be approximately 1,000 spaces. There will be 1,100 spaces toward the Colonial Center, and a shuttle service will be provided for a fee. Total estimated parking: 3,600 spaces.

Question. What will the stadium be called?

Answer. Naming rights are available for at least 50 percent of construction costs (approximately $12 million).

Question. Who will be the opening-day opponent in 2009?

Answer. Duquesne. Other nonconference opponents in the first few weeks include Clemson and Long Beach State.

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