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Assault charge dropped against Downey

Nearly a month after Devan Downey was charged with misdemeanor assault, the charge against the USC men’s basketball star was dropped Wednesday.

Downey’s lawyer, Neal Lourie, said that the simple assault charge was dismissed at the request of Curtis Lowery, who decided not to pursue the case.

“It’s over,” Lourie said.

In a brief phone conversation, Lowery confirmed the case had been resolved.

Downey’s suspension from team activities was also lifted Wednesday, according to athletics department spokesman Steve Fink. Department policy is any player arrested is suspended until the situation is resolved.

Downey and Lowery were involved in an altercation on campus on April 25. Lowery, a 19-year-old sophomore, alleged that Downey hit him with his palm during an altercation over a woman.

“Devan would like to apologize for any negative attention that he has brought upon Mr. Curtis Lowery and the University of South Carolina community,” Lourie said in a statement. “Devan is committed to continuing his achievements in education and on the court.”

“This experience has taught me many life lessons,” Downey said in the statement.

Downey, a 5-foot-9 point guard, was named first-team All-SEC following his sophomore season. The Chester native spent his first college season at Cincinnati and sat out the 2006-07 season after transferring to USC.

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