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Richardson Blog - Day 2

USC's Jason Richardson is blogging from the NCAA Championships in Iowa.

I awoke this morning to the soft sounds of chirping birds eagerly awaiting me to start my day off right, then the dream ended. I actually woke up at 8 a.m. for our morning shakeout that required me to literally throw my tired, lethargic body out of the bed. I’m not a morning person and find that I might actually have a rare allergy to mornings themselves. We jogged several blocks to loosen our muscles. We then returned to the hotel to have morning breakfast and a quick team meeting.

Let me tell you guys a little secret of mine; I despise teasers. Between breakfast and shakeout we had roughly an hour and a half, and against my better judgment I managed to fall asleep. My body fought with all its might to return back to sleep soundly. After my phone alarm screamed at me to wake up, I was annoyed all the way to practice because I had officially teased my body into thinking it was going to get a great nap before practice!

Practice went well and I did some great work on the beginning of my race. My teammates and I, like always, had a great time. We had more fun than should be allowed by the NCAA. At any moment, I found myself laughing in the blocks because I could hear one of my teammates laughing from half across the track.

After practice we headed to the mall to blow some money! Sorry to say, Des Moines is definitely not a fashion capital of the world, or anybody's world for that matter. The mall was decent, but I couldn’t really find anything to spend my money on so I settled for a Polo button up and some fresh sunglasses to shield my eyes from the paparazzi I’m sure to encounter after I win nationals! (I can dream can’t I ,lol?)

Time really flew by today so by the time we got back to the hotel, we had our team dinner, daily team meeting, and then I chilled with more of my teammates while we watched a movie that we ordered on the hotel TV. Till next time…

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