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Richardson blog - Day 4

Jason Richardson credits a nagging hamstring injury that sidelined him last season with giving him a new outlook on training.
Jason Richardson credits a nagging hamstring injury that sidelined him last season with giving him a new outlook on training.

USC track star Jason Richardson is keeping a blog during the NCAA Track Championships in Iowa this week. He is completing in the 100-meter hurdles.

I awoke this morning feeling considerably better. Honestly the best medicine in some cases is a good night's rest, or a strong shot of Morphine. Since I wouldn’t be getting the latter any time soon, I just entertained the idea of sleep. We did our normal morning shakeout and half the team raced from practice to get to the omlette-pancake line first. One thing you should note about track athletes: we tend to race and compete over even the simplest things in life.

After breakfast I decided that looking like Tom Hanks in Cast Away wasn’t too attractive so I shaved my facial hair and decided that if I looked good, I’d feel good. If I felt good, I’d run good. I’m sure that may not be logical, but as long as I convince myself that it is … that’s all that matters, lol.

Des Moines is still flooding and the news makes it seem like its of biblical proportion. We may have to evacuate the hotel tomorrow and since my room looks like a 5 year old played in my suitcase. There are clothes everywhere and I’m not ready to high tail it out of here.

You have to keep your mind on the task at hand so we went to the track today and I put behind the thoughts of evacuation, flooding, and the amusement at the ironic fact that HBO has been playing Evan Almighty (Evan builds an Arc in modern society) nonstop for the past few weeks.

When we got to the track I had to take my parent’s tickets to will call and then I went to warm up for my first round of hurdling. My objective was to run relaxed and cleanly to establish a competitive time without significant soreness for my upcoming races. I know most of the national ranked hurdlers on the collegiate scene so after warming up and exchanging civilities, it was time for business.

I stood at the starting line looking down that track and 10 hurdles whose objective was to keep me from running my best. I got in the blocks with the aggression of a caged beast looking to destroy the hurdles and lock a spot into Friday's semifinal. The gun went off and I blasted through the first three hurdles with speed and ease and got into a great rhythm before relaxing towards the end to save my energy.

When I crossed the line I was shocked to see a time of 13.26 which is very close to my personal record. It was also a new Drake Facility record. Though I’m not completely sure, I can guarantee with some decent level of certainty (got to love that the sentence makes sense, but doesn’t really make sense, lol) that my 13.26 was the fastest opener in NCAA history!

I thank God for my blessings and can’t wait for semis and finals. Till next time…

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