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Richardson blog – Day 5

When we went out for the shake-out this morning, Coach Frye said we had to leave the hotel. I wasn’t really surprised about the evacuation, but I knew it would be a long process checking out. I was a little stressed it was the same day as the semi-finals, but we had to get it done. You can’t be mad at inclement weather, but it’s an unfortunate situation that effects your meet preparation. I knew I might run interestingly because of the kind of day we were having.

I went upstairs after the shake-out and breakfast, showered and took a nap. It was the last nap in the lovely soft beds before we were ripped from luxury and forced to stay at the Heartland Inn. It’s a bit more discount than the Embassy Suites. By the time we got to the hotel it was after 2 pm. A group of us went to the supermarket across the street, chilled and talked. Then I got ready for the meet. My parents came to visit about 3 pm and we hung out in the room. We were laughing at the MTV show ‘Made’.

I went to the track about 4:45 pm. We went to the warm-up area, I relaxed and tried to get my mind ready for the race. I warmed up with some jogging, light stretching and a massage. I knew the semi-finals were going to be one of the more difficult rounds I would have to worry about.

I felt considerably nervous. I was very tight yesterday and this morning. With my history of injury, it played on my mind and it effected my competitive edge and crispness I needed to perform my best. I have mixed feelings about my race. I had a bad start and with the mayhem of the day I will take that time in stride and go for the gold tomorrow.

After my race I went up to see my parents and chatted a little bit. I watched more races and then ate team dinner. Tonight I will get a message and go to bed early. I will take an ice bath later as well.

My feelings on tomorrow’s finals – I don’t really know yet. I don’t feel anything about it right now. Till next time!

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