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Young case still under review

Fifth Circuit solicitor Barney Giese is reviewing a SLED report to determine whether to prosecute Columbia police officers accused of using excessive force against a South Carolina football player in the winter.

Offensive lineman Kevin Young says officers punched him repeatedly and bloodied his nose while subduing him following an early-morning fight between Young and a West Columbia man in Five Points on March 2.

SLED agents spoke with Young and other witnesses as part of a nearly three-month investigation before sending the report to Giese.

Babs Lindsay, a spokeswoman for the solicitor’s office, said Giese received the file within the past two weeks.

“He’s reviewing the report in the same manner that we review all SLED reports,” Lindsay said Monday. “As soon as he gets done reviewing it and discussing it, he’ll make a decision where he will go with it from here.”

Lindsay would not set a timetable for a decision, saying: “This is normally a long process we go through to do this.”

Neal Lourie, Young’s attorney, said he has not yet heard from Giese’s office concerning the report.

Police dropped fighting and resisting arrest charges against the 20-year-old Young a few weeks after Lourie filed a formal complaint with the city.

“He was punched multiple times by a police officer and still maintains that,” Lourie said. “He has always maintained it, and we’re aware of witnesses to support that.”

One of those witnesses was Kevin McCrarey, a local sports-talk radio host who said Young “got beat up by police.” McCrarey, who co-hosts the South Carolina News Network’s SportsTalk show, met with SLED investigators in March.

Young, a 6-foot-5, 311-pound sophomore from Clearwater, Fla., missed most of spring practice following a third surgery on his left shoulder. He has declined to discuss the incident publicly.

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