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Baseball ticket holders must give donation

Season-ticket holders will have to plunk down more money for their seats at USC’s new baseball stadium, even though the cost of their tickets isn’t going up.

The school plans to charge a “seat donation” - commonly known as seat licenses - in addition to their normal season ticket charge. The plan was approved Wednesday by the school’s Intercollegiate Activities Committee, and will become final if approved by the full Board of Trustees on June 27.

The cost of a single season ticket will remain unchanged at $210. The seat donation - which is tax-deductible - will be as low as $25, for the cheapest seats down the lines. It gradually gets higher by section, up to $1,500 for club seats, and $35,000 for use of one of the five suites.

All season-ticket holders also have to join the Gamecock Club, and at a level connected to their seat. For example, someone buying a box seat must be a full scholarship member, which requires an annual contribution of $1,350.

Under the plan, the department could raise up to $570,000 per season through seat donations, in addition to $1.06 million in season tickets. That’s under the best-case scenario in which every season ticket is sold; USC projects that 75 percent will be sold.

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