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Bonds Visiting Knoxville This Weekend

DE Chris Bonds (6-4 283) of Richland Northeast will make an unofficial visit to Tennessee this weekend his mother said Wednesday. Bonds has not visited any schools or been to any camps this summer, Ginger Miller said, because his football schedule has kept him locked down.

"He's weightlifting three days a week, he has defensive skills on Tuesday and practice Thursday, so his weeks have been filled." Bonds also is rehabing his surgically repaired left knee, and his mother said he's "spending a lot of time building back up."

Bonds has not trimmed his list but Miller said his top group right now, in no order, is USC, Southern Cal, Michigan, Notre Dame and Alabama. "That's probably not going to change," Miller said. As for official visits in the fall, Miami, Michigan and Notrre Dame probably would be three of them according to his mother.