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Summer days

For kids, summertime is the season of dreams.

It’s the season of silly songs, new friends and the only time of the year where some of them feel they can truly be who — or what — they want to be.

And, for many, it’s the season of summer camps.

Today’s camp themes can be as flashy as the video games kids so like to play: design your own outfit, create a sculpture, discover the stars, even learn about the circus. But the old-fashioned camps of years past are as popular as ever, too.

Camp Congaree Girl Scout has stayed true to its mission of building confidence and reinforcing leadership skills.

“We swim in a lake, we do our crafts, we have the general Girl Scout (and) S’More fun,” said camp director Charlotte Talley.

The Lexington County camp gives Scouts the chance to earn badges while learning about what they are capable of achieving. Girls in second to 11th grades flock to the camp every year.

Talley has worked with such camps for 12 years.

She said in recent years she’s noticed more effort placed on helping girls build their selfesteem.

She said she’s watched with pride as campers tackle their fears and learn how to handle independence.

“I think I’m jealous of them,” she said. “They are so responsible, they’re so on top of things.”

Devon Copeland

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