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Sumter Linebacker Attends Camp

LB Quinn McClendon (6-4 215) of Sumter attended one day camps at USC and Clemson and might go to Virginia Tech for a one day camp as well. According to Sumter assistant coach Grayson Howell, the Clemson coaches seemed to like what they saw of McClendon who has an offer from Kentucky. "They want to watch him during the season," Howell said. "They looked at him at inside linebacker and bandit end. Everybody loves him when they see him.. He's being projected as a defensive end."

Howell added that a young prospect on the team the colleges are starting to recognize is junior QB Stephen Curtis (6-3 205). He also went to camps at USC and Clemson. "Physically, he's what they're looking for," Howell said. Curtis also is hearing from Tennessee and Maryland. Last season he passed for 1800 yards and 18 touchdowns and completed 58% of his passes.