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Wager leads list of reported events

The USC athletics department on Thursday reported a Level I secondary violation to the NCAA regarding a wager made between a department member and a friend.

The bet occurred in January and did not include a Gamecocks team. But a bet made by a member of an athletics department is prohibited by the NCAA, and a third party reported the violation to the NCAA.

“We became aware of it and had an obligation to report it (to the NCAA),” said USC athletics spokesman Steve Fink, who added that the official involved was not high-level.

The incident was the most serious of nine secondary violations since January. Level I violations are reported to the NCAA, while Level II violations go to the SEC. The school said all the violations have been cleared, with requests for eligibility restoration granted.

The other eight violations were Level II and included:

 In January, a baseball player practiced beyond the permissible 14-day period without being added to the roster.

 In April, the parents of student-athletes ate free at an awards banquet.

 In May, a football player was awarded financial aid for less than a full academic year.

 The women’s basketball program, under previous coach Susan Walvius, committed separate violations in March and April. A senior player was given too many participation awards, and coaches attended a recruiting event outside the permissible period.

South Carolina also reported it has conducted 206 drug tests since January, turning up six positive tests for marijuana. Positive tests result in players being admitted into the department’s wellness program. The NCAA conducted six drug tests on USC players, with no positives.

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