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Ticked Spurrier ends practice early

South Carolina’s football practice ended early, and after a good bit of running, following a skirmish that left coach Steve Spurrier upset.

During pass skill drills, linebacker Eric Norwood knocked receiver Moe Brown out of practice with a bruised hip. The hit led to some pushing between offensive and defensive players, before Spurrier stepped in.

Spurrier was mad about the Norwood hit and the initial reaction, making the defense run. Then Spurrier got more angry when he heard “giggling” from the defensive players while they ran.

“We’ve had some close ones like that, but that one was uncalled for,” Spurrier said. “And then the giggling. Sometimes a collision happens and a defensive guys says, ‘Hey man I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to hit you that hard.’ And then they help each other up. But then we had a bunch of gigglers over there that irritated the whole thing.

“Almost was an offense vs. defense little scuffle. So we just put a quick end to it, we won’t practice against each other tonight, and we’ll try again tomorrow night.”

Even after the initial skirmish and punishment, Spurrier tried to resume drills. That lasted a few minutes, and after reserve tight end Foxy Foxworth made a nice diving catch, Spurrier called the team together on the far field, away from the public.

After talking to them, Spurrier made the players do about 10 more minutes of running, then broke up practice.

“We’ve got to learn to practice as a team, practice with teammates, and we weren’t doing very well. So we just shut it down and ran a whole bunch,” Spurrier said. “And hopefully tomorrow night we’ll come out and practice as a team. Take care of your teammates, and not have a lot of giggling guys when somebody hits somebody. So hopefully we learned something tonight.”

There was a bit of other news on Monday. Highly-regarded recruit Jerriel King practiced for the first time after passing his physical. King is working with the offensive line, but it couldn’t be determined if he was working with the first team, since practice was ended before that drill.

“I’m looking forward to him getting a lot of snaps,” Spurrier said. “It looked like he was in pretty good shape. All that running we did, I think he was leading the pack out there. So yeah, I really think Jerrial is gonna help us. I really do.”

Walk-on quarterback Zac Brindise has decided to transfer, according to Spurrier. Brindise, whose brother Noah played quarterback for Spurrier at Florida, had little hope of playing.

“He was a good scout team quarterback, we’ll miss him, but wish him the best, and hope he gets the chance to play somewhere,” Spurrier said.

Finally, Spurrier reacted to the arrest of former USC and Florida assistant John Reaves, whose son David is the Gamecocks’ quarterbacks coach. Reaves was charged in Tampa with aggravated assault with a firearm, possession of cocaine and introducing contraband into a detention facility

“It’s sad. We knew he had some problems, but it’s very sad, disappointing. But it’s no reflection on his children. They’re all good people.”