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Plan for reseating Williams-Brice to presented

Updated Aug. 7, 11:18 a.m.

South Carolina’s athletics department will present its long-anticipated reseating plan for Williams-Brice Stadium to the board of trustees on Friday morning.

If approved, the plan would require season-ticket holders to pay a personal seat-license fee for the right to purchase their football tickets beginning next season. The board approved a similar plan for the Gamecocks’ new baseball stadium in June.

Speculation about incorporating personal seat licenses (PSLs) at Williams-Brice has been a hot-button issue for USC fans. Many longtime season-ticket holders are worried they will get priced out of their seats.

But trustee Mike Mungo said, from what he has seen, the proposal looks fair.

“It is a well-researched market circumstance that they’ve studied for two years,” Mungo said Wednesday. “So they’re well prepared.”

USC athletics director Eric Hyman declined to devulge details about his presentation to the board.

Both Mungo and fellow trustee Sam Foster said PSLs have become part of the landscape for schools in power conferences like the SEC.

“If we’re going to have the best facilities and compete at the highest level, we’re going to have to have the money to do it,” Mungo said. “Football’s the only hope you’ve got. It pays the bills.”

“College athletics are looking at various resources, and this is one of them,” Foster said. “I’m sure we’re going to (hear a) best-practices review of what our peers or others are doing. So we anxiously await what’s going to be presented.”

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