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USC Basketball Coaches Working Two Sport Standout

Daniel's DeAndre Hopkins (63 185) is one of the state's top junior propsects in basketball and football, and he's not sure which one he wants to play in college. "I'm not thinking about either," Hopkins said Monday night. "I'm just enjoying high school sports right now."

Hopkins said he has basketball offers from USC, Florida and Wake Forest, and a football offer from Clemson. He's also hearing in football from USC, Florida State, Florida, Alabama, Auburn and Virginia. Of all the schools, Hopkins said Clemson is pulling him the hardest for football. "They're talking about taking care of me as a player and a student," Hopkins said. "They tell me how I can succeed on the football field."

Hopkins said the USC basketball staff also has been working him hard and he talked recently with a Gamecock coach. He does not have a favorite and does not plan an early decision.

In football last season, Hopkins led the state with 13 interceptions. He also had 81 tackles, and he caught 13 passes for 271 yards and seven touchdowns. In basketball, he averaged 20 points, 6 rebounds, 4 steals and 8.5 assists per game.