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Davis and Maddox in 2008?

This was supposed to be Mike Davis' year. It was going to be the time for the Columbia native to be the team's starting tailback, without question.

That still may happen. But with the way Brian Maddox continues to look, you've gotta wonder whether we'll have another tandem, rather than a featured back.

Maddox is bigger than Davis, shows a good knack for big gains, and is a good blocker to boot. Davis is probably faster, and he's more experienced. But with every day Davis remains injured, Maddox gains ground.

As Maddox uncorked another long run in Wednesday's scrimmage, someone next to me remarked: "And Mike Davis suddenly discovers his shoulder doesn't hurt so bad."

Maddox is also supremely confident. Last year he publicly resisted a redshirt, rather than the standard "whatever the coaches want" line. He's unbelievably strong too, with bulging muscles, to the point I asked him earlier this offseason whether he should be drug-tested.

"I'm not Barry Bonds," he cracked, with a smile.

This looks like it'll continue into the season. Davis will start, if healthy, but Maddox will get his carries. Maddox is too good to leave on the bench.

More teams are going to tailback tandems anyway, even when they have big-time backs. Think CJ Spiller and James Davis for that team in the Upstate, or West Virginia's Steve Slaton-Noel Devine combo last year.

Last year Steve Spurrier said there were times when he made a play call he didn't know whether Cory Boyd or Davis were in the game. By midway through this season, he may be saying the same thing, just substituting another name for Boyd.