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ESPN already at USC; stadium ready

Just got back from Williams-Brice, where USC's Jeff Davis was nice enough to provide a tour of some new stadium stuff. We'll have a story in tomorrow's paper on all the improvements.

One thing I can report now: ESPN is already at the W-B, putting things in place. There's 103 people credentialed from the four-letter network for the game. Hmm, wonder whether they've been apprised of the good night-spots.

The stadium field is painted, mowed and set to go. The words "College Football Kickoff 2008" have been painted on the 25-yard lines, making sure everyone watching Thursday night knows this is the beginning of college football.

Incidentally, I imagine a few people will have to tape Barack Obama's speech, or do it the other way around. Same with John McCain's address next week, which also falls during a Gamecocks game. Not that anyone asked me, but I thought Michelle Obama did a good job last night. And I'll be REAL curious to see how Hillary Clinton handles things tonight. Conventions haven't been this interesting in awhile.