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Bonds Skipping Around The SEC

DE Chris Bonds (6-4 283) of Richland Northeast made his official visit to Alabama last weekend along with his family, and it turned out to be a positive experience. "We thought it was great," said Bonds's mother Ginger Miller. "We road around the campus a little bit. We watched the tailgating activities. We went to the game and then we went to dinner. Some of the coaches were there. Chris then went and spent time with some of the players. Sunday we went to coach Saban's for breakfast. He and Chris hung out together. Then we went back to the athletic center and ate again. Then we met with coach Saban together. We can't think of anything negative (about Alabama). It's the SEC which to me is the greatest, and they are 7-0. And coach Saban has a lot of plans for Chris's major, engineering."

Bonds also has taken an official visit to Notre Dame. This weekend he and his family will visit Tennessee. They also are mulling over an official visit to Southern Cal. That would be the final official visit. "There are no other schools to visit," Mrs. Miller said. "I'm trying to get him to focus on the ones we have now. With USC, we've tossed around the idea of an official visit but we know them so well. We already know what they are all about, and we're right down the street." Bonds plans to attend USC's next home game against Tennessee.

Bonds has been been out with a knee injury since mid September and is back working with the team running and doing drills. There's a chance he could return for the playoffs. He declined an opportunity to play in the Shrine Bowl but hopes to play some in the Army All American Game. He will receive his jersey for that game Thursday.

Bonds does not have a front runner at this point, his mother said, and he plans to make a decision in December. He will not hold a news conference but rather will release his decision thru the media in a more low key fashion according to his mother.