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Who's who: Get to know the men's hoops team

Devan Downey
Devan Downey

Tallest: Mitchell Carter

The 6-foot-10 junior from Milwaukee has yet to make use of his height on the court. But the new coaching staff thinks he can help off the bench and is hoping for 5-10 minutes a game from Carter.

Shortest: Devan Downey

The 5-foot-9 junior has been playing (and beating) taller players since he was in middle school. Downey would test himself against the older kids in Chester, who would go from making fun of him to wishing they never had.

Smartest: Branden Conrad

The former walk-on was in the National Honor Society in high school and started his college career at the Naval Academy. At USC, heis a business finance and real estate major.

Funniest: Zam Fredrick

The senior guard is “a big jokester” and has “a creative personality” according to junior Brandis Raley-Ross. “I’ve probably got the most humor,” said Fredrick, whose favorite TV show as a child was “The Flintstones.”

Drowsiest: Mike Holmes

"He can fall asleep anywhere. He can fall asleep before practice on a couch, on the floor, anywhere,” Fredrick said.

Most laid back: Dominique Archie

“The most carefree attitude. He just acts like he don’t care about nothing. Even if he’s real passionate about it, he really doesn’t get excited about it. He’s just on chill all the time,” Fredrick.

Quietest: Sam Muldrow

“Most of the time you just see him walking around, just to himself,” Fredrick said. “He’ll get involved every now and then with conversations or something, but most of the time he’s quiet.”

Biggest eater: Holmes

In last year’s media guide, every player was asked their favorite quote. Archie said “pain is temporary, pride is forever,” while Downey cited “find a way to be great.” Holmes answered: “What’s good to eat?” The 6-7, 230-pound Holmes is the second-heaviest Gamecock, after Carter.

Biggest texter: Carter

“He’s got a lot of friends back home (in Wisconsin). So he stays talking to them,” Raley-Ross said.

Most nicknames: Austin Steed

The sophomore forward grew up being called “6-9” because his stepfather thought he would grow that tall. (Steed fell two inches short.) As a freshman at USC, Steed was called “Pringles” because teammates thought the mustache made him look like the guy on the chip company’s can. Now Steed is called “Scratch” for unknown reasons.

Internet geek: Raley-Ross and Downey (a tie)

“I’m always looking at the school Web site,” Raley-Ross said. “I love I love knowing what’s going on out there in the sports world.”

Fredrick says Downey “spends a lot of time on the net. He knows everything that’s going on witheverything.”

Ladies man: Conrad

But Raley-Ross was only bestowing that title by default, because at the moment Conrad was unattached. “I don’t want to cause problems, because some players havegirlfriends,” Raley-Ross said.

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