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Energy facts

How we make and use electricity

S.C. homes ...

consume electricity at a per-capita rate that is the third-highest in the nation.

use 21 percent of electricity generated in the state.

S.C. industries ...

account for 38 percent of the state’s electricity use; transportation, 25 percent; businesses, 15 percent.

South Carolina ...

has the nation’s 10th-highest monthly electric bills.

gets 53 percent of its electricity from nuclear power; 38 percent from coal; 4 percent from natural gas; 3 percent from hydropower; and 1 percent from renewables.

has 13 large coal-fired plants and seven nuclear reactors at four sites. Utilities want to build an additional coal plant and two nuclear reactors and are considering two other nuclear reactors.

has no wide-reaching mandatory plans to conserve energy, promote efficiency or develop wind and solar sources.

SOURCES: U.S. Department of Energy; S.C. Department of Health and Environmental Control; S.C. Public Safety Commission