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Montgomery Giving Seven A Shot

Greenwood DE Sam Montgomery (6-5 240) suffered a toe injury in the Monday morning workout at the Shrine Bowl and did not practice in the afternoon. Once the swelling goes down, Montgomery will be able to return to practice. As for his recruiting, Montgomery has a final seven of USC, Clemson, Michigan, North Carolina, LSU, Tennessee and Oregon.

He does not plan to take official visits to the in-state schools, and he explained his reasoning for that Monday afternoon. "They are always going to stay on me to the end but what it comes down to is I have five schools I wanted to go see that I'm very highly interested in in making my decision," Montgomery said. "From those seven I'll break it down some more and hopefully go from there. I have to take my five official visits first to see if there's not anything else that I'm missing out on because there is more opportunity out there." Montgomery said he will try to take unofficial visits to USC and Clemson if he can work them in around his official visits.

Montgomery said he has sound logic for choosing the five he did for officials. "Basically, they all give me a possibility to play at an early start," Montgomery said. "They all give me an opportunity to play as a freshman coming in." And Montgomery said he's not afraid to go across the country to Oregon to play college football because the school offers what he wants. "I love their business program," he said. "They have a very good network in place so if I were to get me a business degree at that place, you know, it's not only about football, it's about business. I'm looking at this from more of a friendship position but I'm looking at this more from a business perspective."

Montgomery said there is a clear cut leader right now. "LSU is the team to beat," he said. "LSU is my leader. I like (defensive line coach) Earl Lane, I like him a lot." Montgomery said he doesn't plan to make an announcement until Signing Day.