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USC reports 11 secondary violations to NCAA

USC reported 11 secondary violation from July to December of 2008 in its summary to the NCAA.

Meanwhile, in the Wellness Report during the last six months, USC performed 661 tests for drugs of abuse. From those tests, there were five positives for marijuana. USC also had one positive for alcohol. Additionally, the NCAA conducted 30 tests and all results were negative.

The secondary violations:

Aug. 19, 2008: Graduate Assistant coaches were compensated in excess of a full grant-in-aid

Sept. 10, 2008: Men’s Track coach made telephone contact with a prospective student-athlete prior to the first permissible date

Sept. 13, 2008: Men’s Golf coach sent an impermissible text message to a prospective student-athlete

Sept. 18, 2008: Institution failed to notify student-athlete of a reduction in an athletics grant-in-aid prior to July 1.

Oct. 1, 2008: Women’s Basketball coach sent an impermissible text message to a prospective student-athlete.

Oct. 23, 2008: Two student-athletes practiced beyond the permissible 14-day period without being added to the squad list.

Oct. 30, 2008: Men’s Track coaching staff provided an official visit to a prospective student-athlete for a time period in excess of the permissible 48-hours.

Nov. 10, 2008: Women’s Basketball coach publicized an informal practice scrimmage.

Nov. 12, 2008: Women’s Track coaching staff provided a prospective student-athlete with an official visit prior to receiving proper approval.

Nov. 20, 2008: Prospective student-athlete was approved for an official visit prior to meeting established requirements.

Dec. 9, 2008: Athletics Department staff member publicized an informal basketball practice scrimmage.

-- From staff reports