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Postcard from Tampa, day 3

Greetings from Tampa!

Another sunny day, part of which I spent at a doc-in-the-box. Turns out that persistent hacking was bronchitis. Is it OK to put antibiotics on the expense account?

Down here three days and already I’m acting like all the other snowbirds – talking about the weather and doctors’ visits. My 90-year-old grandfather rents a beachside house in southwest Florida every winter and spends most afternoons watching the Weather Channel.

The teams seem to be having fun. Gamecocks receiver Moe Brown and a couple teammates beat a few Iowa players in a basketball shooting contest at Busch Gardens on Sunday. Brown said the Hawkeyes didn’t make a basket. Somewhere, Dr. Tom Davis is cringing.

All for now – prescriptions to pick up. And did I mention the weather?