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Postcard from Tampa, day 4

Greetings from Tampa!

Went running Monday evening along the bay – slow jog actually – and saw more people wearing T-shirts from my alma mater of William & Mary than I saw sporting USC gear. It was actually just one young woman, who was talking on her cell as she walked and seemed a bit bothered when I asked her if she’d gone to W&M.

But the point is – the Outback Bowl folks better hope the Gamecocks are late arrivals to the New Year’s party. In fairness, it’s not exactly like Iowa fans have taken over the town. The most vocal fans I’ve heard down here were the Oakland Raider nuts who left Raymond James gloating in their helmets, Rastafarian wigs and Kenny Stabler jerseys.

The locals who want Jon Gruden fired have been making a little noise, too.

Not to be a shill for the Tampa tourism office, but it is nice down here. The game day forecast: 72 degrees, 10 percent chance of rain. If you’ve got a tank of gas and a day off, they’ve got plenty of tickets.


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