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Women's basketball postgame

KEY MOMENT: South Carolina was in control halfway through the first half after Brionna Dickerson’s fourth 3-pointer gave USC a 24-17 lead. But the offense turned sloppy for the Gamecocks as Tennessee took a 27-26 lead a few minutes later. While USC had a few more one-point leads, the tide had turned to the Lady Vols.

STAR OF THE GAME: Tennessee’s Alex Fuller had a team-high 14 points on the same day it was announced she would switch her jersey number to 2, in honor of teammate Cait McMahan. A redshirt sophomore, McMahan decided to end her career and become a student assistant because of chronic knee issues.

POINT OF EMPHASIS: When the rebounding advantage flipped, so did the Gamecocks’ fortunes. USC had a 23-18 advantage in the first half. Tennessee had the boards by a 25-14 margin in the second half.

— Seth Emerson