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Garnet Army the pick for student section

Darrin Horn is going full-tilt to support the new name of the South Carolina home student section - if you can call wearing a not-quite-fashionable shirt saying "Garnet Army" to his media availability on Tuesday.

"Explain yourself and that shirt," a reporter who shall go nameless started off the session.

"That may be the best question you've asked since I've been here, Seth," Horn replied.

Not a huge bar to hurdle, some would argue.

The coach went on to explain that the student section was "of the utmost importance to us," starting with Wednesday's game against No. 24 Florida. It will be the first SEC game with the students back from break, so the school decided it was a good time to unveil the new name and get things going.

The first 750 students to the game - insert snarky comment here about "first" - will receive free T-shirts, apparently similar to the one Horn wore. (It was garnet and black in a camoflague pattern.) The name "Garnet Army" was chose over about 350 others, according to the school, with Cockpit and Cocky's Corner being the other top choices.

"The thing I want them to know is to me they're a part of us," Horn said of the students. "It's not they're over there, we're over on the bench. We're all in it together. I think it's going to take all of us to be the kind of team we want to be on our home court in league play."

In other words they should be as loud as, well, Horn's shirt.

"Well I don't know if you can call camo loud. It's supposed to have a blending effect there," Horn said. "But yeah, they're important."

Dominique Archie let out a slight laugh when asked what he thought of the new name.

"I don't really think much about that," Archie said.

(It didn't appear Archie was knocking the name, just laughing about the whole thing.

"I saw the shirt," Archie said.

And what did he think?

"No comment," Archie said, laughing again.