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Fredrick speaks on disappointment

Monday afternoon, we got our first chance since the selection show at a Gamecock player reaction, and that guy was senior Zam Fredrick.

As the guard explained it, the team was down, but is ready to take on the challenge of a quick tunaround game against one of the nation's best player.

"Of course we're disappointed about not getting a bid. But just as a man, as a person, I move on," Fredrick said. "I look forward to the opportunity I did get. There's a lot of teams that didn't get this opportunity. We're just getting ready to get down to this too."

Fredrick agreed that half the battle Tuesday night, when Davidson and Stephen Curry visit, is being ready to play. He predicted that outsiders will know in the first five minutes whether the Gamecocks are into it. (Fredrick predicted they would be.)

"It's a quick turnaround from expecting to get in and not getting in, playing in the NIT, getting yourself ready for the next game," he said. "But we're gonna take care of that, we'll get ready. I think we're ready right now. But there's a couple of us still disappointed. You've gotta shrug that off and get ready for the next day."

Fredrick may be among the most disappointed players, since this ensures he will never appear in the NCAA tournament. But he also took the long view, comparing where they are now to how most expected this team to do.

"They didn't expect us to do as well as we did this year," Fredrick said. "We proved a lot of people wrong. Tied for first on our side of the division. There's a lot of positives to take from this year. If we could've gotten a couple wins here or three, handled a couple situations different we would've been playing in the tournament. But you can't take nothing away from what we did this year. We played good basketball. We got 20 wins."

Coach Darrin Horn said getting re-focused on the NIT was going to be part of the process, and made an interesting statement about the team's possible mindset over the past couple weeks.

"I think it's a situation for us where maybe we got a little ahead of ourselves because of the success that we had," Horn said. "And nobody knew the league situation was going to be like it was after the brackets came out. Now we've gotta get focused on what's ahead of us."