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Quarles Will Be At Spring Game

DL Kelcy Quarles (6-5 270) of Greenwood was expecting to go to North Carolina last weekend for a leadership camp but says he misunderstood. "There was some miscommunication," he said. "I thought I was going this weekend but I misunderstood. I didn't go anywhere. I am definitely going to get back up there though."

Quarles says he is going to visit USC this weekend, LSU next weekend, and FSU the weekend after that.

He says he is still committed to USC but wants to give every school equal time. "After I visit all the schools and do my research, I'll decide if I've made the right decision for me, " said Quarles.

He says he knows three of the five official visits he will take. "I'm definitely going to go to UNC, LSU, and Alabama," he said. "I may go to Southern California too. I'm not sure though. I still may take my last one to South Carolina, but by then, I'll have been there (USC) so many times I'm not sure I need to take an officialthere." He says he take a little more time in deciding where his last two officials will be.