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Downey a 'doubtful' draft pick

Darrin Horn used the latter portion of his radio appearance Monday to talk about the team's future – specifically Devan Downey and this year's signing class.

Horn was in Portsmouth, Va., on Wednesday at an NBA pre-draft camp for seniors. This is what Horn said he was getting in terms of feedback on the Gamecock junior point guard:

"Right now what we're hearing is that it's doubtful that he's a draft pick. There's a chance that maybe he can sneak into the second round. People like his athleticism. They like the things that we all like about him. But just because of how the draft is shaping up and maybe how that stuff goes they don't see him fitting in right now.

"But I think the important thing is he'll get a feel for what that's like, and test himself against some guys, and who knows. Our stance from the beginning has been we want what's best for Devan Downey. So we're going to support him in any way that we can with this."

Players can start working out on April 30 with teams. Then you have until June 15 to decide whether to stay in the draft, unless you've signed with an agent.

Horn also talked about signing day, which begins Wednesday. He can't comment on Speve Spinella or Johndre Jefferson until they sign, but he did indicate that it's not out of the realm of possibility another player could be added to this year's class.

"We're excited about the two we'll signing on Wednesday," Horn said. "That being said we've got another scholarship, and we never say never. If we feel like we can find somebody and add them to our program to stabilize it or make it better or continue to add needs or add depth, we're always going to do that."