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Poetry submissions: Lexington/Richland 5



Spring is magical

Pretty flowers are blooming

Red roses dance in the rain

I go outside for perfect weather

Nothing will stop these pesky insects from coming

Go outside and watch rain fall

— Reagan Redder, fourth grade


Morning light the sun shines bright.

The bacon’s on the broiler.

The birds are tweeting.

The bees are humming.

Oh it’s such a beautiful day!

I just want to go and play in the morning sunlight.

— Brianna Kennedy, fourth grade

At the park

At the park, not in the dark, is when I spark.

Swinging high trying to touch the sky.

Thinking of a yummy pie.

At the park in the dark is when the park goes to sleep

Till the sun awakes the park and up sneeks up in the sky.

— Zach Troupe, fourth grade

Playing With Me

On sunny spring days

I take off my flip flops and go to play with me.

I lay on the grass

seeing the butterflys fly

and land on lillys.

— Hannah Macfie, fourth grade


There once was a liger.

Who pretended he was a tiger.

Until one day he broke his knee.

And he could only be a tree.

Now he never acts like a tiger.

He only plays with fiber.

— Lolly Adair, fourth grade




always fun

want to do it all the time

— Andrea Davis, fourth grade


honest, sweet

reading, shopping, swimming

being kind, funny and friendly


— Cameran Birr, fourth grade

A Boy From Spain

There once was a boy from Spain.

He had a pickle brain.

He went to Mexican Philosophy Co.

He ate a yummy taco.

He is such a pain.

— Cameran Birr, fourth grade


Spring is coming all around the world.

Pretty flowers are being planted for the sun to feed.

Roots are growing in the soft, rich soil.

In the spring it is the most wonderful time of the year.

No time for working. In the spring it is all time for FUN!

Go outside and roll down a hill, get dirty, have some fun. It is springtime for everyone.

— Robyn Kelly Abernethy, fourth grade

White Snow

Fall is gone,

winter has begun,

soon it's time to say

hello snow fun!

Jumpin' in,

jumpin' out,

kids scream,

Mom's shout.

Some kids enjoy,

going on their sleds down a hill,

they laugh and smile,

then they tumble and spill.

Soon it's going away,

we say good-bye to snow fun,

then comes out,

the hot meltin' sun.

But soon it'll come again,

year after year,

we'll come outside with a

laugh and cheer.

— Emma Debenbort, fourth grade


All day long

I drain

Those basketballs

like no one

Else can

do and

This is

all you hear

from me




I drain

those basketballs

all the time

— Paxton, no last name given, fourth grade

Shining Star

Be a shining star

Just be who you are

And be yourself

You and no one else!

Be a shining star

Follow your heart,

So be yourself

Nobody else!

Look up in the sky

Find a star up so high,

That's who you are,

A shining star!

A shining star is a

Person who is sweet, caring,

Nice, and who is their self.

A shining star is you!

— Katherine Walls, fourth grade


The Traveler

It had carried eggs

and bread

and haddock

and boxes and boxes of corn muffin mix

now it was stuck in a tree

it had


against the other bags

one of them was carrying Jolly Green Giant




and ow again

ah ow ah

the eggs broke

there’s a little in the bottom left corner


blowing in the wind

because now the bag was stuck in a tree

just another piece of litter

blown out of the trash can

chased by a two-year-old

put back in

taken to the incinerator

ahh! BUT a gust of wind

blew it


just in time

but now it was stuck in a tree

one of its handles melted the other one stretched

tribute to its travels

A plastic bag takes many years to decompose.

What would this one see?

— Miriam Hoyt, fifth grade



Nice, graceful movements

Which tell wonderful stories

And feel very good.

— Mansi Verma, third grade


So much depends

Upon a soccer ball

In a soccer game

Kick, kick, kick

In the grass

Roll, roll, roll

In the mud

Woosh, woosh


— Luke Summer, third grade


Yellow is

The sun

That blazes

Down on me.

Yellow is

A cupcake

That's yummy

In my tummy.

— Kaitlyn Echerer, third grade


You can tumble on

The floor

You can flip off

The vault

You can fly to

The high bar

And you can dance across

The beam.

— Emma Bagley, third grade


Pain fills my heart.



I want to disappear.

But if I do there is nowhere to go.

If I don't I'm stuck

with pain.

What will I do?

Will I run away?

What will that do?

A choice is about to be made.

— Bethany Quinton, fourth grade

The Lost Hummingbird

Our porch light shines

on an empty nest.

No eggs yet.

I peek.

No eggs yet.

— Cameron Hanna, fourth grade


Roses grow tall

Rose smell wonderful

Rose bring joy to good friends


— Hillary Melton, fourth grade


Seeds in the ground

Watered every day

The sun shines,

bright and big

Soon they grow big

And pretty

Big and pretty

Big and pretty

Next spring they die down

Brown and droppy

The sun shines

Big and bright

— Hillary Melton, fourth grade


Spring! Spring!

Spring is here

I have spring fever

Oh dear

I can’t wait

Spring! Spring!

— Hillary Melton, fourth grade

Sun in the Sky

Oh the sun in the sky

I do not know why

We die when the

sun shines

Standing proudly in the sky with no crying or vain

Standing over our grave

— Owen Emerson, fourth grade

A Book

Pick up a book and you will see

Magic, mayhem, you and me

Pick up a book and you will hear

Voices and roaring in your ear

Pick up a book and you will realize

It doesn’t matter about the shape or size

Just pick up a book

And look

You will finally see anything that involves you and me

— Taylor Ebert, fourth grade

I Told My Mom I Want A

One day I told my mom

I have to have a dog they

Are so cool.

I want a hedge hog then

She said what about that dog

They are last month.

I want a fish she said

What about the dog and hedge hog

Those are old school fish are new.

I want a boa constrictor

The other pets I got you

They are so boring

I want a parrot she said

No junior I’ve cracked

— Sean Grady, fourth grade

My Fear

Now that you are here

Let me tell you my fear.

Not of monsters or dragons

But of a wagon.

My mother says “Stop this nonsense”

But when I am around them I am tense.

My father says it too

I say I am not like you!

I see one

Then a ton.

I hear a noise in a wagon

I think it’s a dragon.

No my father went toot!

— Cookie Desai, fourth grade


Happiness is a feeling

a feeling inside you.

Nobody can control it

happiness is your birthday

or when amazing things happen.

Sadness is a feeling

a feeling inside you

Somebody can make you sad

but only you can control it.

Joy is a feeling

a feeling inside you

It is just like Happiness

only more joyful.

— Haley Dixon, fourth grade



Tell who you are

Like Bob, Rob, Billy or Karr

It represents your personality

Sometimes it’s not reality

— Harrison Byrd, fourth grade

A Leaf

A leaf has spirits

they only come once a year

that’s when fall is here

— Ashley Harrington, fourth grade


I have a little weirdo

She can’t even be controlled

If you even think to try

Be careful. Oh boy, my little weirdo

— Jordan Sorenson, fourth grade


Under the soil

poking out from the pocket

becomes a flower

— Carol Stegura, fourth grade

A Prediction

A prediction

Such a guess

How can it be such a quest

A prediction

What do you think

Just remember don’t write with ink

A prediction

Go find out

What your subject is all about

A prediction

— Alli Sorenson, fourth grade

Some Shirts

Some shirts are worth wearing

Some shirts are worth tearing

Some shirts are worth trying

Some shirts are worth buying

But my shirt, my shirt is worth dying for!

— Taylor Ebert, fourth grade

A Child’s Imagination

Shen he goes to school

and gets into the classroom

people call him a fool

because he never uses his imagination

Someone called him a name

he never really cared

his name is on the wall of flame

because he ever uses his imagination

— Max Land, fourth grade


Sharks swim silently

and slowly toward the seashore

eating his seal meal

— Carol Stegura, fourth grade


Football is so fun

But I always have to run.

After every game

I am in so much apin.

The pain feels like an alligator bite

for some reason it always happens at night.

— Brett Bernthal, fourth grade

The Pet Can

There once was an old man

he had a pet can

but not just a pet can

this can talked it talked

and it walked

the can ran a mile

every day and when it

finished it always had a

snack for his meals

he always had water

because he did not like to bother

the owner which he loved

but nobody else knew about

this mysterious can but that


— Brooke Pannal, fourth grade

A Leaf

A leaf is falling

When it jumps off the tree it

falls silently down

Robert Sawyer, fourth grade



Great good candy

Fluffy like a small cloud

sugar and sweetness blue and pink


— Carol Stegura, fourth grade

The Test

The test is today

I should study,

or get a buddy,

but I have nowhere to hide,

but I could of died,

I have no where to run,

but I’m almost done,

I got an A


test I won.

— Cooper Butfiloski


There once was a man named Lance.

He never ever wore his pants.

Because in them were ants.

When he was at work

He was always a jerk

They all laughed at the naked Lance.

— Cookie Desai, fourth grade


The wind goes woosh

The wind goes swoosh

The wind makes sound

The wind is loud



The wind goes woosh

The wind goes swoosh

The wind makes sound

The wind is loud



— Hillary Melton, fourth grade


Every day at school

I feel so cool

School is a place to learn more

about the Earth core

In math

we learn about the right path

In my lab

I have a map

Every day in April

we have chocolate maple

Our teacher leads

when we read

Every day at school

I feel so cool

The walls

are as tall as the mall

It is so cold

That we are old

We get m and m’s

as we learn about leams

Every day at school

I feel so cool.

— Mahala Melton, fourth grade


There was a man whose laptop

always, always gave up

he threw it away

then went the north way

and purchased a working laptop

— Ryan Ahuja, fourth grade


There was a man whose guitar

was always stealing his car

he purchased a cart,

then took his guitar apart,

and drove away in his car

— Ryan Ahuja, fourth grade


Spring is the

Time of year

Where birds

Chirp and flowers


I love to

Run in the

Hot blazing

Sun on a nice


I would love

To stay and

Play but I

Have to go

To bed. After

A wonderful day.

— Sydney Beasley, third grade



Is the best

It can be with


Lots of violence and screaming

Fans and excitement

— Jalen Bell, third grade


My favorite sport is


You play it on a field

If you are

Too little

You will surely

Get killed.

— Ronnie Powers, third grade


My dog, Zimmie, can

Sometimes be over-energetic

With guests a lot and

Will play bite your hand


She is sweet sometimes

And sniffs guests a lot

And will beg for your food.

— Matthew Hawkins, third grade


Dogs, dogs, dogs

Dogs are fun

A hyper dog

Chases balls

And runs

— Caroline Geurkink, third grade


Summer is hot

And summer is fun.

Summer is great,

So don’t be done.

It is so nice

To see your friend twice,

So don’t let summer end.

If you don’t

You’ll be making more friends.

You can go to the park,

You can go to the zoo,

You can go any place you want to.

You can go to the pool

Or act really cool

So I’d have fun

And don’t let it be done.

So have a good time

Under the sun.

— Justin Feagin, third grade


It is crashing

People’s dreams

But if they

Get away

They will make

Their dreams.

— Jackson Crimminger, third grade

Summer Squash

Oh, how I love that

Summer squash

It tastes

Just good to me

All the kids like

How yellow and squashy

It is

They can’t wait

Till the squash grows

In the summer

Oh, how I love that

Summer squash.

— Charlie LaRosa, third grade




Fancy, hot

Hard, fun, tuff

Tumbling machine



Wet, swift

Tough, out of breath, stroking

Fast machine


— Anna Powlas, fifth grade


The dancing dachshund, dashed to the door,

Every time the doorbell dings,

Woof Woof says the devilish doggie,

Let’s see what the mail man brings.

Chomp and chew on my Dad’s old shoe,

Digging up daisies is what I like to do,

Dip; dodge, dash away from the devilish dog,

He wants you to stay and won’t let you get away.

— Anna Powlas, fifth grade

The Bumble Bee Poem

Busy bumble bees flying through the air

making honey all year long!

I am a bumble bee trying to find a place in this world,

Just trying to find a place in this world! Yea!

Flying through houses

Flying everywhere!

— Lizzy Worthey, third grade

The next several poems are from a class assignment on America:

I Am America

Silly faces, ice cream cones

Happy faces, doggy bones.

Bike rides, board games,

Hot dogs, friendly names.

Soccer, a sweet tooth,

B-ball, tennis shoes.

I am America,

And America is me.

I am America,

And I'm proud to be.

— Chase Haywood, third grade

I Am America

I am proud of myself.

I am ready to go.

I am loved.

I am lucky.

I am alive.

I am country.

I am singing.

I am happy.

You can't stop me.

I am good.

I am proud.

So, stop me if you can.

I am fast,

So you can't get me.

I am FREE.

— Salley Slice, 3rd grade

I Am America

I am America and America is me.

America the blue.

America is me.

America, the green grass below me.

The world is in peace.

Everyone is now free.

I am glad that there are no slaves.

— Zoe Boland, third grade

I Am America

I am America with sky blue eyes,

and rose pink lips, and little pink nose.

I am American strong in gymnastics skills.

I work with all my heart and soul

to get the job done.

I am America that goes shopping.

I only buy what I need.

I am America that studies for tests

with all my heart and soul and might.

I get the job done.

I am America that is nice to people

who need a firend.

To have a friend

You have to be a friend.

I am America

and America is me.

— Kelly Coghlan, third grade

I Am America

I am happy.

I am beautiful.

I am proud.

I am loving.

I am playful.

I am funny.

I am caring.

I am respectful.

I am nice.

I am glory.

I am loyal.

I am hard working.

I am friendly.

I am enthusiastic.

I am fantastic.

I am wonderful.

— Meredith Sharpe, third grade

I Am America

My smile makes me happy.

So does my family,

And my friends,

My ancestors,

My pets,

And just me.

— Carey Belt, third grade

I Am America

I am America with bear fur eyes

I am America with black curly hair,

With skin like dirt.

I am a basketball freak.

Swish! Swish! Swish!

— Jonathan Kidd, third grade

I Am America

I am America white and strong.

With brown curly hair,

Dark brown eyes.

I am America,

Soccer fan — kick, kick and score!

I am America,

Chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream.

I am America Super Star!

— Coralys Rios, third grade

I Am America

I am America and America is me.

I am loyalty, self control,

Team spirit, poise, confidence.

Fitness, determination, cooperation,

Hard work, action, skill,

Alertness, friendship and enthusiasm.

That’s how you reach your goals.

All you have to do

Is use the Pyramid of Success.

— Megan Ford, third grade

I Am America

I am white and bright and good.

I am good at writing,

And I exercise.

I do baseball.

I am America and America is me.

— Cody Howard, third grade

I Am America

I am America strong, brave and bold.

With sky blue eyes.

I am a cheerleading freak.

Rah, Rah, Rah.

Some like Hip-Hop,

But I like country.

I love science.

I study for all my tests.

I am all about rap, too.

We are all different, that is good.

I am America and America is me.

— Alexis Hoeve, third grade

I Am America

I like to see people’s smiles.

When they laugh they make me laugh.

I like to ride my bike.

My friends are very nice.

I like a drink called G2.

I love to play video games.

My friends are Chase, Andrew, Zack,

Ryan, John and Reed.

I love ice cream!

I love fishing!

— Tanner Steffy, third grade

I Am America

I like ice.

I like country.

I like to swim.

I like Russia.

I like my family.

I like my class.

I love my planet.

I am America.

— Emma Ballentine, third grade

I Am America

I am brown.

I am short.

I like blues.

I like quartz.

I have brown eyes.

I have frowny eyes.

I like movies.

I like games.

I like clams.

— Reggie Bradley, third grade

I Am America

I am America with blond curly hair.

I am America with eyes as blue as the sky in the day.

I am America with eyes as green as grass in the night.

I am America that loves milk and cookies.

I am America white and strong.

I am America who likes pizza.

I am America who likes grandmother’s apple pie and cherry pie.

I am America and I like spending time

with family on holidays.

I am America and proud to be free.

— Katie Ash, third grade



Sick of cruel and immature jokes

Leading me into a life of helpless despair.

Humiliation, disgust, anger,

A pain no mortal should have to bear.

Why must you pounce on those who are unique?

Dismal feelings come with every word you speak.

Hiding, and trying to hold back tears,

So that no one will see,

For that is the greatest of my fears.

These abhorrent fools should find better use of their time.

Seems they lack a conscience, heart, soul and mind.

None of them care,

But believe me God sees.

And until he judges you,

Congratulations, you've broken me.

— Victoria Wessinger, eighth grade


Days get longer.

Dark feelings grow stronger.

Hurt inside is hidden,Feelings of joy are forbidden.

Hot tears start to seep,

Yur body and soul begin to weep.

Suddenly you feel alone

Next your mind will turn to stone.

Taken over by huffing and puffing,

You repeat phrases like, "crying solves nothing."

You wipe your face your face and catch your breath.

Alarmingly you consider death.

Focusing on one thing, your heart beat slowly decreases

It's back to normal, though your heart is still in pieces.

Now you're relaxed and the crying has ceased.

Your anxiety is gone — or postponed at least.

— Victoria Wessinger, eighth grade

Don’t Forget

Don’t forget

the sunsets then the starry skies

lying in the grass watching fireflies

waiting for the night to pass

but all I want it is to last

but then my life turned upside down

my smile was turned into a frown

I cried until the oceans flooded, the rivers into lakes

I thought we were together forever

two kids in that innocent summertime

but now all I say is

Don’t forget the days of we

and now all we are is used to be

— Emmy Burch, eighth grade


Running for the Gold

My feet are wheels

Getting down in the blocks

My hands are play dough

Molded into position

My ears are speakers

Listening for the gun

My legs are Cheetahs

Ready to pounce

My brain is nitrous

Giving me an extra boost

My body is a sports car

Finely tuned and ready to run

— By Rex Epps, sixth grade



Deafening, tough

Screaming, smiling, playing

All ears around me are splitting


— Kayla, last name not given, fifth grade


Beautiful, sweet

Floating, dancing, flying

An insect


— Katy, last name not given, fifth grade

Blue Days

I’m in a daze

Wondering silently

Oh, how these things could be different


— Allyssa, last name not given, fifth grade


Big, loud

Laughing, reading, dialing

You don’t talk when you use it


— Josh, last name not given, fifth grade


Shimmering light

Gleaming, glaring, lighting

A pretty sight shining


— Melondy, last name not given, fifth grade


Pretty colors,

Floating, spinning, blowing,

They’re swaying with the breeze...


— Cassarra, last name not given, fifth grade


Summer is full of amazing events

It is adventurous and amusing and there are a lot

Of those No School Days

The No School Days can be spent while you are

Reading, swimming, visiting.

I love those Hot Days.

— Kayla, last name not given, fifth grade


You kick the ball,

It goes away,

So everyone can try to play,

In the game today,

So soccer is the way.

— Hailey, last name not given, fifth grade


Cory is my brother,

I love him so,

He takes me everywhere

He wants to go

He is my little bro,

And we go so slow.

— Hailey, last name not given, fifth grade


Silly, sneaky

Spitting, acting, playing

This little ball of trouble


— Kennedy, last name not given, fifth grade

White Swans

Are very free

Living life like they should

Flying wherever they want to

Like clouds

— Zachary, last name not given, fifth grade


Fun, friends

Cheerful, playing, talking

Have a blast


— Jillian, last name not given, fifth grade


I like cake.

It can bake.

I live in a house.

I have a mouse.

I see a tree.

It has a bee.

— Lester Drayton, kindergarten


Just a crush

I watch the days passed by

And not a day I don't regret not saying "hi."

When I first met you I was blown away

Not knowing at all of what to sayI wish this feeling would just go awayBut I feel that it’s going to stay.When I see you it makes me smile And I'm hoping you would want to stay for a while

But you’re just a crush and the thing is,

I like you very much.

— Amber Chau, eighth grade

When You Leave

Let me live my life,

I don’t need to be told to grieve,

If sadness comes,

Its course may run,

But I’ll pass on the hollow pain it brings.

I know that nothing’s perfect,

And I can’t keep our love even when you leave,

But for now I’ll save your memory,

Even though it’s only temporary,

And let my mind heal my heart’s shattered wings.

Not long ago we listened closely,

To each others steady breath,

Fingers tangled lightly,

Heart beat pacing slightly,

But all that’s left behind with the rest.

When I said you’re burned into my mind,

I meant it; head, feet, hands,

Your face and voice,

And parting choice,

All scarring me like the fiercest brand.

But you broke the bonds that sealed us close,

Leaving chaos in your wake,

Nothing but fears,

And too many tears,

But I carry on for sanity’s sake.

Let me live my life,

I don’t need to be told to grieve,

When sadness came,

It flooded like rain,

But I’ll cherish the hollow pain it brings.

— Jessica Grant, ninth grade

The Blue Jay

Among the weeping willows,

And oaks stretching to the sky,

The jay sits there, just waiting

For the perfect wind to fly.

Invisible when it’s cloudless,

And too obvious amid green trees to try,

The jay sits there, just waiting

For the perfect wind to fly.

Lifted by the current,

Gravity barely pressing anymore,

The jay enjoys sweet freedom,

And his lovely chance to soar.

Catching meals easily,

Living life without need to settle a score,

The jay enjoys sweet freedom,

And his lovely chance to soar.

The sun can be setting fiercely,

Or blinding vision from other stars,

But the jay can wing so proudly,

The loveliest by far.

Eagles are proud and noble,

And there comes sweet songs from a distant lark,

But the jay can wing so proudly,

The loveliest by far.

— Jessica Grant, ninth grade


The Spring Sun

You know it's spring

When the sun is out.

When the butterflies and

Birds are flying all about.

The roses come up so pretty and steady

Oh, you know it's spring when the sun

makes you sweaty.

— Donnisha Fogle, third grade

Me, As A Flower

I am a flower,

The sunlight hits me.

I get water from my roots,

The water goes up to my leaves.

The sunlight, and water helps me to grow.

When I grow I get bigger, and bigger,

Every second of that, I believe,

In everything.

My life as a flower is


— Crystal Clements, third grade

I am baseball

When I am hit

I fly

Through the afternoon sky.

— Devon Long, third grade

Me, Your Dog

I'm the one who makes you happy

When you are sad.

I'm the one who plays with you

When you are alone.

I protect you

When someone tries to fight you.

That's why

I'm your dog.

— Monquel Tyler, third grade

I, the star

I am light that seems so bright

I am a star that seems so far in the sky

So high

I ask you for one wish

To care for me and you will

See you're my shooting star.

— Nicole Hazel, third grade


Horses are beautiful

Off to a race

Running everywhere

Shotland pony

Eating hay and grass

Saddle up!

— Benjamin Lowe, third grade

My Dog

I love my dog

She loves me

She runs fast

So do I

She loves my mom

So do I

Her name is summer

And she is mine.

— Ethan Elliott, third grade

My Favorite Season

Spring is my favorite season.

I like spring for a reason.

Bunnies are hopping and birds

Are popping.

Flowers are blooming

— Eimmas Borwn, third grade


Spring is fun because

The butterflies are flying

They come out to play

— Serenty Mills, third grade


Bears and rabbits awake

Flowers are blooming very fast

Butterflies are popping out

Spring is fun.

— Devante, last name not given, third grade


Midnight Star

This lovely star upon night’s arrival

So far, yet my hearts revival

With every breeze

Brings quivering knees

But to leave

I’d be displeased

Though moonlit waves draw me captive

For starless days, I shan’t have live

Out of reach

I have yet to grasp

And on this beach“Distant” brings a rasp

A rope, I could surely throw

Reach out, for you I’d lasso

Pull the gazed in

Surely I’d win

No, not a prize

But enough with the lies

This lovely star upon night’s arrival

So close, yet my hearts revival.

— Robert Simoneau, eighth grade

Morning Sun

(In no addition to superiority;

As I being the morning sun)

Because of you, my awakening

As you arise, my day begins its dawn

Your beauty draws me in

For your gracefulness I fawn

The day proceeds on

Before my eyes catch sight

Beams curtains are drawn

Falling into night

These hours hast end

Though new day will soon begin

So pray slumber in anticipation

To see your face again

— Robert Simoneau, eighth grade


A grave endangerment

Of irrational consent

Soon to be an intuition

Of unneeded constitution.

You and me.

— Robert Simoneau, eighth grade

The Victory

It's the bottom of the 9th

I'm at first base

Looking in the stands

Admiring all our fans

Men on second and third

Up 2 runs 2 outs

The pitch is delivered

I hear CRACK

Look up

Dive for the ball

I hear cheers

Seconds seem like years

Look in my glove

There It is

The ball

Then I hear

A roar

The next thing

I hear


— Grant Davitte , eighth grade

The Dream Haven

In the serene, harmonious dark of the night,

The waves to the rocks create a harsh sight.

But up above the rocks stands a tower so high,

A beacon of hope that thrusts toward the sky.

The ships sail in without a harbor to invite,

The tower stands tall and guides you with light,

The enormous waves will make you rely,

The beacon of hope will greatly supply.

This tower is good--it stands bold and bright,

Through hurricanes and storms it stays a beautiful colored white.

The view at the top might make you cry,

So be sure to bring tissues to soothe that teary eye.

— Lauren Gambill, eighth grade



Protector of the small,

Protect the misfits

And the outcasts

Their Ink hearts are stained with sadness,


So they won’t disappear completely

And never be found

They‘re lives are in full Tilt,

It’s a Never-ending story.

Witness their pain


And show them kindness

They are silent to the bone,

They are downsiders,


And they can live.

— Claire Tucker, eighth grade

Rainbow Lake

As I sat on the dock, I noticed the hues,

Of the overhead trees, a serene chartreuse.

The vibrant blue of the shimmering lake,

The viridian green of a slithering snake.

The bold yellow sun shines bright overhead,

The pearly white clouds, shy like words left unsaid.

The magenta pinks swirl in with sky,

Telling the day’s almost done, I let out a sigh.

Soon I see red, that of young puppy love,

And before long, night swoops in like a dove.

I must depart now, for my own sake,

But ill always remember my rainbow lake.

— Kelsey Murrell, eighth grade

Mud Pies

5 summers at Grandma’s

A few hot sunny days

1 rural dirt road

And some fun that won’t slip away

6 old pots and pans

3 old buckets

1 water hose

1 old shirt

1 old pair of shorts

1 old pair of shoes

And a clean pair of hands

Mix this all together. A rainy day is optional. Let this sit for a few years. Bring out of the oven and have it reminisce for a while. Enjoy your memory of childhood.

— Taliyah McBride, eighth grade

Ashes in the Breeze

You'll never escape

The pain you feel,

The fear, anguish, darkness,

The disturbing images of

Family and friends, falling from your grasp

Into the pit of fire,

Turning into the ash that you'll soon see

Floating in the breeze.

You hear their cries

When the wind rushes by

And you weep to yourself,


— Claire Tucker, eighth grade


The Greatest Days of My Life

When bursts of light explode through my window,

And rainbows gather round to hug them,

Then I know,

Today is one of the greatest days of my life.

When bright flowers explode out of the cold, brown dirt,

Then I definitely know,

Today is one of the greatest days of my life.

When my books fly open and words fill my head,

Then I absolutely know,

Today is one of the greatest days of my life.

When stars glitter on the dark, blank sky,

Then I positively know,

Today has been the greatest day of my life.

— Eva Slagle, third grade

Majestic Sunsets by the Lake

I go outside and look

The sunset is all I see

Majestic, beautiful, shimmering,

Beaming on the lake

I feel like I am dreaming

Asleep on the clouds of red and orange

The colors sinking into my skin

I want to float away

On these clouds

Like a butterfly soaring through the glowing sky

On a soft, summer evening

— Baylee McCourt, third grade


Oh, what it is like at the Beach

I feel

the hot sand

on my feet.

Now, the cool, wet sand

I can feel the deep blue against my body.

the bumpy ocean floor

I love the smell of the salt swoosh...swoosh cacaw...cacaw “Look, a dolphin”“Look, little kids

searching for hermit crabs”

Later I will come for sunset.

— Joie Springs, third grade


Hot, creamy chocolate.

Opening my mouth and letting it pour in. I am

Tasting one of the most delicious tastes on earth.

Chunks left in the bottom of the cup and a

Hot feeling left in my stomach.

Opening my mouth to speak I ask,

Can I have some more? My grandmother

Opens her mouth and answers, My

Love are you going to drink more?

And I answer, “No”.

Then I skip outside to play with my sister,

Emmy, on the cold, winter day.

— Rachael Berger, third grade

Cherry Coke fills my mouth with bubbles and explosions

Head is imagining what is happening,

Every thought is of the amazing taste,

Rumbling sparklingly through my mouth!

Removing the bubbles, fading away: there it goessssssss!

Yummy taste, zooming around my taste buds.

Cherry, cherry, cherry, Coke, coke, coke I want some more!

Ohhhhhhhhhh yummy I think, as I slurp it all up

Kayaking in my mind through buckets of that delicious cherry coke

Erupting volcanoes of that good ol’ sparkling cherry flavor

— Kayde Clampitt, third grade

Ring ... Ring

When I get up in the morning,

I hear a ringing sound.

It could be a waiting scale,

For me to lose a pound.

When I hear that ringing sound,

It gets stuck in my head.

It could be the timer,

For me to get out of bed.

Where is it coming from?

Where is that ring?

I think it is the “chang-a-lang”

Of my awesome bling.

I think it’s some secret.

I think I’ll never know.

And I think it is the end

Of my awesome ring show.

— Jesse Sharpe, third grade

My Dream House

Shimmering chandelier

reflecting off

the mid day sun.

My room is like

a beautiful flower patch

exploding open

in the blazing, blue sky.

My frontyard...

oh, that front yard

When I fly through the door

you can feel the wind

zoom, zoom, zooming

through my hair.

And I can feel

the fresh air

blowing in my face.

That is

the most amazing,





I know...

in my dreams, that is.

—Ashley Latiff, third grade


Baseball Baseball Baseball

You are the Best Best Best

Yes Yes Yes you are

You just throw me a fastball

Smoke from the mound

I am going to s-s-swing

I am going to knock one out

I will do it

I am on the mound“Whoosh”“Strike!”

A 100 mph fastball“It’s a new world record!”“Yeah!”“100 miles per hour!”“Oh yeah!”“Booyah! Go Sea Dogs”“Bam bam bam”

The beautiful fireworks

Explode in the sky

Seadogs ... We We We Win!

— By Will Eubanks, third grade



Up here!

I’m stuck!

In the tree!








Oh, there’s




Did you





Oh no!







— Iain McLane, third grade





Brutal Hit


Catching Passes

The 50...

The 40...

The 30...

The 20...

The 10....


— Matthew Grecco, third grade


It was a hot , steamy day.

The sand was popping,

the crowd was screaming,

especially my mom.

I was nervous

as it was the first time I met

my team.

Dodgers winning by one,

Bases loaded,

Two outs,

I’m up to bat.

My hands Shivering,

the pitcher throws.

It looks good.

I swing.


I hammer it to right field.

The coach yells, “Go to second base!”

I was safe .

I got two RBI’s on the play

the next play,

I scored!

This made the final score 9 to 7

and ended the baseball game ever!

— Mark Shealy, third grade


My face is


Can’t you see

I can’t

even play

with Tiffany

My hands

are rough

I’ve had


I think

I’m about


blow up

My face is

out of range

I feel like I’m

being changed

I don’t know I

just feel so


— Olivia Ward, third grade

Poetry Blues

I can’t do it!

I’m bad at it.

You can’t change my mind.

Who ever invented poetry is crazy.

You know what?

I give up...

because I can’t do it!

—Peyton Eleazer, third grade

Tooth Fairy

Tooth fairy, oh tooth fairy.

Won’t you please take my tooth.

I’m leaving it for you so,

you can put it to use.

I’ll put it under my pillow.

I promise. You’ll see.

Just please remember to leave

a dollar for me.

— Kara Zaffiro, third grade


Their music so soft like the pitter patter of the rain,

Their music so smooth like a snake slithering across the ground,

They are like a burst of hope lifting up the nation from that dark dreadful time,

WOW, look at their clothes, the men covered in black and white silk and the women covered in black silk with excitement written all over it,

They are a light, a light in the darkness of time.

— Smith Dawsey, fifth grade

A Heartwarming Note

A range of voices makes up the choir,

Some sing low and some sing higher.

The bass is the lowest male voice you hear,

And the tenor sings his notes way up here.

Cambiata is the part the young boys sing,

But I have never really heard such a thing.

Cambiata, to me sounds more like cheese,

I’ll have mine with crackers please.

Some notes are sharp and some are flat,

But music is much more than that.

Some notes are soft and some staccato,

Hey, that rhymes with avocado!

Men and women sing different parts,

But their voices blend and warm our hearts.

— Kelsey Barnes, fifth grade chorus

Things I Need to Know

Soprano, Alto, Tenor, Bass,

Baritone as well.

These are the range of voices.

They make me want to yell!

Falsetto is a fake high voice

That boys can sometimes use.

Cambiata is the voice of change

For kids like me and you.

A sharp can make a note seem high.

A flat can make it low.

These are some of the things I’ve learned.

The things I need to know.

— Jolie Frazer-Madge, fifth grade chorus

Our Chorus

Our chorus must change and learn to find our range.

We found a soprano in a girl named Jano.

When the girl began singing, her alto voice was ringing.

The tenor chimed in and we all began to grin.

The bass sounded bad and the chorus was sad.

The cambiata was clear, but we hoped the end was near.

The boy singing acapella was a most unusual fella.

Finally, we heard a boy singing falsetto so well

It began making our heads swell!

— Ashleigh Cordell, fifth grade chorus

Chorus Notes

If we find our range today,

We can all go out and play.

If we find a soprano by tomorrow,

Our teacher would have lots less sorrow.

Looks like we have an alto for sure,

Because her voice is very pure.

While walking down the hall,

Our tenor had a fall.

The bass tried to help,

By letting out a great big yelp!

The cambiata was near,

So we had no fear.

Because the boy singing acappella,

Was a very strong young fella.

In the end, a boy sang falsetto.

And it sounded really good,

Like we all knew it would.

— Ansley Cordell, fifth grade chorus

The Palmetto Tree

The amazing Palmetto Tree

is a bouncing back kind of

tree. It made people in

S.C. bounce back just like

our Palmetto Tree. Even though

it may be spiky and have some

moss on it, the Palmetto Tree is

my favorite tree.

The tree that stands


The Palmetto Tree.

— Riley Norris, third grade

South Carolina’s State Symbols


is our tree

Eastern swallowtail

Butterfly-fly free!

Yellow Jessamine

is our flower

Milk our state drink

will give you power!

Our state fruit

is the peach

It is soft, sweet, and

good to eat!

— Courtney Pender, third grade

A State Symbol



Not crunchy






Boiled Peanuts

— Garrett Sabaka, third grade


It flew around the room

It burst through the roof

But he is extinct or is he?

— Zachary Senter, third grade


Soft as the ocean

fragile as a vase

puffy as cotton

Where did

you come

from, flower?

— Chase Starnes, third grade

Coca Cola

Coca Cola





go crazy

and off the

wall drink.

Put in the freezer

let it freeze. Then

Put in the

refrigerator it’s

gonna sneeze!!

Sizzle sizzle

there it goes,

all of its gone

The next day

I start all

over again


— Kelsey Taylor, third grade

Myrtle Beach

Waves coming

out of the



palmetto trees




Running in

the sand

with your

big or small

bare feet

Myrtle Beach

— Jacob Waller, third grade


Rising sun

Animals wake

Hunters hunt

Morn silence

Silver drops



Drip dropping

Down the branches

Friends to see

Morning dew

On leaves

That’s morning time...

And I love it!

— Marley McCabe, third grade

South Carolina

South Carolina,

Oh, South Carolina,

you’re so beautiful

I don’t know

how to

describe you!

You’re full

of wonder,

adventure, and everything!

South Carolina,

Oh, South Carolina...

I love you!

— Abigail Marsh, third grade

The White Tail Deer




At dawn eating,

Tail waving in the air

Horns or not

Buck or Doe

The White Tail Deer.

— Noel Hurley, third grade


Popcorn popping up and down

smells good

almost ready

Ding Ding

There goes the microwave


It’s really hot

Aw, man

The popcorn is gone


— Chip Dye, third grade


Little hands,

Little feet,

Legs kicking wildly,

Arms going up and down

Crying madly

Silent in my mother’s arms,

My little sister, Mayson.

— Morgan Donohue, third grade


The lost city nobody’s

seen in hundreds

of years.

The lost city nobody’s

talked about for hundreds

of years.

The lost city, covered

in volcanic ash

from Mount

Vesuvius’ steaming



— Parker Davis, third grade


Rain is the soothing

sounds of drip drop,

drip drop,

Or it could be very

loud with thunder and


Rain is water flying

down from the clouds

up above,

Going outside getting

freezing and soaking

water on you,

It could be drizzling

very lightly

Making you and me


Rain is wonderful!

— Jamie Byrnes, third grade


Imaginations are so

cool. They are so cool

you like to think and when

you think, you start to

imagine- you think

of cars and trucks and all

sorts of things and most

important you think you

can be anything.

— Micah Amick, third grade

Sweet Tea

Brown sweet.

Delicious and cold.

In the hot sun. I

Ordered a large.

Suddenly I am sad.

I have no more.

Hip Hip


I got more.

— Andrew Boncorddo, third grade



The butter of the popcorn smells good.

The sound of the popcorn


till the sound of the microwave

goes Ding!

In seconds the popcorn’s done.

When it’s out,

it’s hot and buttery.

When the popcorn goes

in my mouth — OW!

The popcorn’s really hot,

but it’s the taste that counts.

My tongue burning

from the hotness,

but at the same time

my tongue’s in joy

because of the

warm silky butter

on the popcorn.

Suddenly I’m sad

because the popcorn

is all


— Hannah Brubaker, third grade


Rainy Day

Gloomy and Wet

the sun did not set

The sun let the darkness stay

and I have a feeling it won’t go away.

I have nothing to do

but sit here

and look at a picture of you.

— Baileigh Byrd, third grade


one chance

everything could disappear

for all that you worked for

you get

one chance,

everything thing has to be perfect

the time

the place

only one chance

your friends, your family

all gone

one chance to get it right

the thing you

want most

keep it in your head

don't let it go


one chance

achieve this and

you will be happy with


one chance.

— Tripp Layne, fifth grade



Blue is ...

the ocean underneath my feet.

Blue is...

a delightful, sweet tasting sensation like blueberries!

Blue is ...

my tears after a hard day of work.

Blue are ...

the violets in a springtime meadow.

Blue feels like ...

a soft, warm blanket, with which I sleep.

— Carter Taylor, fifth grade

The Old Coke Can

There once was a coke can

that got a bad dent.

Why, this dent was so bad

you might give it a splint.

A little boy drank

the refreshing taste.

But he missed the trash can,

a disposal of waste.

The coke can rolled down the hill,

block after block.

It rolled so long,

oh my, look at the clock.

It got to the tracks and was hit

by a train,

but so thick was the dent,

a six pack could feel the pain.

But it kept on rolling,

straight through the woods.

It even went into the


It rolled into the house at142 Michael,

and a mom shouted, “Looks like somebody

forgot to recycle!”

— Carter Taylor, fifth grade

Vacuum Cleaner

I zoom, I roar,

I pick up stuff

on the floor.

I’m the vacuum cleaner,

There is none meaner.

I cause all the fuss,

As I suck

another pizza crust.

I rip the socks

off kid’s feet,

While making the carpet

nice and neat.

I pick the dog’s hair

ff the rug,

Then I get a

dead, slimy bug.

I’m finished cleaning

in and out,

I’ve been all over,

all about.

Turn me off,

unplug my cord.

Until next time,

I’ll sit here, bored.

— Carter Taylor, fifth grade


Students’ Valentine’s poems

Friends are for friends

Love is for friends

Flowers are for friends

Love will fly high in thesky

Love will fall on you and me

— Jason Patel, first grade

Love is here

Robins are near

Valentines keep me up

Love comes down

Love is everywhere.

— Miranda Flerx, first grade

Valentines Day is my favorite time of year

It is finally here

I wake up and make Valentines cards that are

hard to make

My favorite Valentines treat is cake.

— Tyler Corley, first grade

Valentine's Day is handy

When you need candy

Valentine's Day stands

for love and happiness

When someone buys me candy

is is bliss.

— Olivia Thrower, first grade

Valentine's Day should be a happy day

Fly on a dove far away

Doves all around you to fly you away

Fly you away on a happy day.

— Kate Tesh, first grade

A heart stands Valentine's Day

Let love lead the way.

Valentine's Day is a day we celebrate love

Happiness fills the sky above

A heart starts love

Love fills the sky above

Valentine's Day comes in handy

When we need some candy.

— Taylor Davenport, first grade


My House

My house is




It's everything

I ever


It's not dangerous,

It's safe.

I eat there,

Wash there,


Sleep there.

That why

My house





— Jay Page, fifth grade

The Restaurant

Pizza, spaghetti, hamburgers and bread

Oh how it feels to be fed

Once you taste this delicious food

You'll be yelling, "I want more dude!"

Put the nacho in the nacho dip

It tastes so good you just might flip

When you're done with it all

Be careful don't faint, be careful don't fall

This is a five-star restaurant

And our specialty is a croissant

I'm sorry now 'cause we're shuttin' down

Please don't, please don't frown.

— Lazaro Pern, fifth grade

Summer Days

Summer days are hot and humid.

Long sandy beaches running on like the desert.

Families in their bathing suits.

Splashing each other with the warm salty water.

Riding your muddy brown bike down the long dirt

Road with the sun beating down on your face.

Summer days are hot and enjoyable.

— Tatiyana Gamble, fifth grade


Basketball is my favorite sport

I love to run up and down

The court.

When I touch the ball, here comes a swish!

You can't stop me, nope ... you wish.

I am lighting up the court'Cause I'm on fire.

That's for sure

The guys that can't shoot,

call me sire.

You can't beat us, we're bullets,

If you think you can,

you're just full of it.

— Joseph Quarles, fifth grade



A leer in the distance

Peering through

Golden, grassy plains.

A thick coat

Razor sharp teeth

Then everything goes


— Brian Keller, second grade

My Dog Passed Away

My dog passed away.

I gave her a hug.

Her eyes flinched.

I heard her last bark. Rooof!

I love you dog.

I do.

You're the best.

Tears ran down my face.

Goodbye, dog.

I'll never forget you.

I'll miss you.

I have her a kiss and a hug.

And I ran crying into the car

and went home.

— Garrett Daniels, second grade

Violin Recital

I was nervous at

my violin recital.

The teacher called.

My heart felt

like a 20 pound weight.

My knuckles turned

white as snow.

I got up

from my hard metal chair,

an earthquake in my soft legs.

But I played like the wind.

— Reagan Cox, second grade

The Night


is so quiet,

no one hears

a peep.

But in my head

I dream of

dancing butterflies.

— Michael McNeal, second grade

Spring Is

Spring is

blooming flowers,

the boiling hot sun shining on me.

Birds tweeting.

Frogs croaking.

Animals are born

coming out of hibernation.

BOOM! Spring is here.~~

— Eliana Rivas, second grade


At Night

When I wake up in the morning, the army men don’t look right

But little do I know what my army men do at night!

They shoot at each other, and start World War III

One general named Brandon, the other named Lee.

They bring out the tanks and launch the missiles,

Put up barbed wire and get stuck in the bristles.

Machine guns firing, guns all blazing

The fact they don’t wake anyone up is absolutely amazing!

They keep this war going,

No matter if it’s raining or snowing.“We’ll never give up,” they always say

As they quietly put their guns away.

And as soon as I wake up my face,

The army men are all back in their place.

— Jon Hoskins, fifth grade

I Remember Ice Skating

I remember my first time

at the ice rink.

I remember stepping out

on the cold ice with my friends.

I remember holding onto the rail

for quite a while.

I remember the excitement

of the cool, crisp air on my face.

I remember falling down, down,

down to the frozen ice.

I remember starting to pick up speed

and not holding onto the bars.

I remember getting blisters — painful, red, and hurting.

I remember going out of the cold and out into the warm sun.

I forget a lot of things,

but this was one time

I will always remember.

— Maddie Watson, fifth grade

I Remember . . .

I remember when I first learned to ride a bike.

I remember my dad urging me to ride my bike without training wheels.

I remember falling and trying as hard as I could.

I remember all the bruises, scabs

and Band-aids.

I remember getting sad

whenever I fell down.

I remember when

I first learned to ride a bike.

I remember it was

the best day of my life!

— Will Land, fifth grade

What Cars Do At Night!!

When all living things

are asleep at night,

Cars get together

— oh what a sight!

Race cars race

around the track,

A car on every side,

front and back.

Some cars have a ball,

While others go to the mall.

Some cars go

to drive-in movies,

While others get

strawberry smoothies.

Then just as the sun

is about to rise,

The cars race to garages,

driveways, and sides.

So next time you check your car

and the gas tank is low,

It may have been out

last night . . . you just never know!

— Janelle Brown, fifth grade

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