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Poetry submissions: Richland 2 and Kershaw County

Poetry submissions: Richland 2 and Kershaw CountyThese are all of the poems submitted by Richland 2 and Kershaw County students.

We published some of our favorites in the April 9 Neighbors edition, in recognition of National Poetry Month.


The Cat in the Hat

The Cat in the Hat does funny things.

He can fix a house with a mouse.

He can dig a hole with a mole.

He can ride a ball in a mall.

The Cat in the Hat does funny things.

He can jump high and touch the sky.

He can be upside down like a clown.

He can roll like a pole.

The Cat in the Hat does funny things.

He can climb a tree with a bee.

He can hop on a log with a frog.

He can take a shower with a flower.

The Cat in the Hat does funny things.

— Written by kindergarteners in Kathy Wright and Ida Rwirangira’s class

Now my Name Is

Now my name is white horse jumping,

Hear my feet going bump, bump, bump.

Now my name is white horse jumping,

Hear me jumping over hurdles.

Now my name is white horse jumping,

Hear me going over hey stacks.

— Hayley Gooding, fifth grade


Cut and glue, paste and do,

Pronunciation and punctuation,

Tape this staple that,

School, School, School.

ABC’s and 123’s,

Books and book bag hooks,

All in School, School, School.

— Makenzie Green, fifth grade

Now My Name Is

Now my name is white wolf running,

Hear me my feet go buff, buff, buff through the night,

Now my name is white wolf running,

Through the night I go.

Now my name is white wolf jumping,

Hear me jumping over logs.

Now my name is white wolf jumping,

Hear me jumping over branches.

The branches that have fallen from my feet going buff, buff, buff, through the night.

— Alexa Williamson, fifth grade

This or That

Some people like this,

Some people like that,

Some people are cool,

Some people are wack.

School is too long,

Lunch is way too short,

But at least we eat healthy,

They bake everything we got.

Basketball is for rebounds,

Golf for holes,

Footballs are for touchdowns,

Tennis for Pros.

Some people like this,

Some like that,

You have to agree,

Some people are wack.

— Cameron Drakeford, fifth grade

The Class

The class is noisy.

The class is funny.

The class is bright.

The class is big.

The class is fun.

The class is full.

The class is hot.

The class is cold.

The class is interesting.

The class is colorful.

— Hannah Anderson, fifth grade

Now My Name Is

Now my name is black horse running,

See me running through the fields.

I will be watching you.

Now my Name is black horse running.

Now my name is yellow daisy swaying,

See me swaying in the meadows.

I will be watching you as you walk by.

Now my name is yellow daisy swaying.

— Autumn Vinson, fifth grade


I'd rather play tennis,

than go to the dentist.

I'd rather play soccer,

than go to the doctor.

I'd rather play hurk,

than go to work.

Hurk, What's Hurk?

I don't know,

but it must be better

than work!!!

— Nicole Baker, third grade


I'm from

(Inspired by George Ella Lyons' "Where I'm From")

I'm from the flat land of Manning, South Carolina.

I'm from the fresh smell of rain right in the middle of a soccer game.

I'm from the smooth touch of my brother's big belly.

I'm from the string of my daddy and belief of my mommy.

I'm from the faith of my aunt and the thoughts of m grandma.

I'm from the love of my friends Karliegh, Mary, Baileigh, and Blythe.

I'm from the sweet smell of roses in the morning time of spring.

That's where I'm from, that's where I'm from, that's where I'm from.

— Amya Ellison, second grade


Silence is loneliness.

Silence is unhappiness.

It breaks when you speak.

Silence is beauty in a town boutique.

Silence is Art.

Silence brings people apart.

— Chelsea Tutherow, fourth grade



On the outside, you look like footprints in the sand at the beach

You feel like rocks coming up out of the lake

When I peel you, you sound like a flip-flop on a sidewalk

When I slice you, you sound like a mop, mopping the floor

Inside you look like a bright orange candle

You feel like the outside of a computer screen

You taste like an orange juice river

Why are you sweet but shy?

— Adriane Belton, sixth grade


When I Play Soccer

When I play soccer,

I run quickly.

When I play soccer,

I pass the ball.

When I play soccer,

I run, kick and score a goal.

When I play soccer,

I Defend.

When I play soccer,

I capture the ball.

When I play soccer,

I run fast and win.

— Heather Ortuno, fourth grade

When I Draw

When I draw,

I have fun

When I draw,

I have ideas.

When I draw

I use special paper.

When I draw,

I try to do things

that I’ve never done before.

When I draw,

I use special tools.

When I draw,

I draw things

that I‘ve never drawn before.

When I draw,

I think of ways to create drawings

like no other.

When I draw,

I like to sell them.

When I draw,

I get lots of money.

— Jordan Thomas, fourth grade

A Mystery Animal

A Mystery Animal

Gallop, gallop

Have you seen it?

Gallop, gallop

It’s tall and graceful

Gallop, gallop

Its mane is colorful

Gallop, gallop

It’s grateful and fast

Gallop, gallop

Its mane and tail is like a rainbow

Gallop, gallop

It’s playful like a dog

Gallop, gallop

It’s fast like a race car

Gallop, gallop

It makes me happy and amazed

Gallop, gallop

It makes me excited

Gallop, gallop

You know what it is . . .

Gallop, gallop

It’s a unicorn!

— Amy Nguyen, fourth grade


Dogs are Friendly


Dogs move swiftly


Dogs are good natured

Dogs are sometimes sneaky


Dogs are mans best friend


Dogs are the best animal on the planet

— Cameron Harrell, fourth grade

The Journey South


Fly by

Over crisp mountain tops

During a journey south To escape the cold winter’s nap.

While there feathery capes

Blow in the misty wind

Ready to find the

Heat within.

As they fly by

The night sky

Is in the


Their tired

Wings hope

To find the

Heat by Christmas


— Carlisle Cooper, fourth grade

I Am....

I am from brothers and sisters

I am from grilled hamburgers

I am from the woods

I am from sports

I am from South Carolina

I am from ghost stories

I am from the mountains

I am Colin

— Colin Miles, fourth grade

A South Carolina Morning

The welcoming morning shine

The smell of the big cedar pine

You run downstairs for grits and bacon

The delightful smell of pancakes making

Outside you feel the sun shine on you

You see a glimmer of light in the dew

You jump on the school bus

And find your friends

You’re going to school

Where you think and pretend.

— Colton Kelly, fourth grade


Green is the grass,

In the shining sun

Green is the leaves,

On a tree during the summer

Green is the frogs,

That jump and play

Green is the leprechauns,

On St. Patrick’s Day

— Emily Stubbs, fourth grade


The sun shines brightly

Sprinklers on, flowers bloom

It’s finally come

— Emily Stubbs, fourth grade

Sock Fuzz

There’s my sock fuzz

Staring back at me

I crouch to the ground

To set it free

All different kinds,

With all different minds.

— Hannah, no last name given, fourth grade

Stop That!

Stop that! Stop that! Move! Scat!

Cat, what are you trying to chew?

There is nothing up there made for you.

Stop that! Stop that! Move! Scat!

Don’t chew my shoe!

That wire will electrocute you!

Finally it’s quiet

Then it sounds like a riot

Stop that! Stop that! Move Scat!

Don’t sharpen your claws

On the paint near my walls!

When I drift off to sleep

I hear my kitty leap

I think the damage is done

I’ll find out, during the rise of the sun.

— Hannah, no last name given, fourth grade


Why did you blow down all the leaves

sitting innocently on the trees?

Now the trees are all bare.

This just can’t be fair

What have they done to you?

Nothing! But you still blew.

Now they have to wait for spring

to grow back their lovely wings.

— Hannah, no last name given, fourth grade

The Day the Tornado Hit

You see a cloud of dust, a tornado

It is not your friend, but your foe

I hear the SLAP of a shutter

I feel our house become a clutter

I go down to the basement, cover my head

I fear the worst, I begin to dread

I thought I had died

Turns out my whole family survived

When it comes to an end

There is nothing left to defend

We thought the damage was done

Until we woke with the sun

I watched my mother cry

Then I knew why

We had nowhere to stay

I had nothing to say

— Hannah, no last name given, fourth grade


The important thing about a cat

Is that it purrs and sleeps.

It is true that it will land on its feet,

And don’t forget, it loves to eat.

But the most important thing about a cat,

Is that it purrs and sleeps.

— Hannah, no last name given, fourth grade

Sparkly Spider Web

Tiny, shiny dew drops glistening like gems

Bright sunny morning

Dew on the ground

There was a complete silence

A deep, lonely silence

Where was the spider?




— Hannah, no last name given, fourth grade

Did We Score?

I walk off the sandy field

To go get some cool water

Today is our soccer day

We’re really excited

My classmates cheer and high five

Did we score?

Yes! We did win!

The teacher blows her whistle extra loud

Time to line up

YAY! We won!

— Hannah, no last name given, fourth grade


Butterflies move softly in the wind

Thin papery wings swishing together

Swish, swish, swish

Very colorful, like a bright rainbow

When I watch, I wonder,

Where do they go when it rains?

How are their wings symmetrical?

The black and blue butterfly

The red and black one too

The painted lady dances

On newly bloomed flowers

And the Monarch looks about

On the newly sprouted blooms

Butterflies are there for you to admire

Don’t miss your chance

— Hannah, no last name given, fourth grade


Blue is the color

Of the morning sky

Or a little blue bird

Just learning to fly

Blue is the color

Of too many North Faces

It’s also the color of 1st grader’s pencil cases

— Hannah, no last name given, fourth grade

Hurricane Haikus

The wind blows strongly

The hurricane is coming

The power goes out

Shutters are put up

People will evacuate

Waves crash against the shore

Hurricanes cause damage

Power goes out and flashlights turn on

Trees fall to the ground

Damage by the shore

Rain is falling, causing floods

Houses are knocked down

— Rebecca Michel, fourth grade

Starry Night

I look at a lovely starry sky.

The starry sky writes

Sleep under me

I give love.

I see grace in its pictures.

I see home.

— Maggie Gustafson, fourth grade


Ah, spring the time of new life.

From bears to birds,

Spring lets flowers bloom.

I love spring!

— Maggie Gustafson, fourth grade

South Carolina BasketballSouth Carolina is

A pack of beasts

South Carolina is

The 3-point king

South Carolina is

The Clemson killer

South Carolina is

The court killer

South Carolina is

The slam dunk champs

South Carolina is

Number one

— Colin Miles, fourth grade



Dead trees fill the sky

Crunchy leaves across the ground

I can’t wait till spring.

— Armon Bosier, fourth grade


Bugs are waking up

Bees are flying everywhere

Flowers are blooming.

— Armon Bosier, fourth grade


Blazing hot sun up high

Birds are singing in the trees

Pools are being filled.

— Armon Bosier, fourth grade

The Book

All you see is a book.

I see an adventure.

All you see is a title.

I see a wonder.

All you see are pictures.

I see works of art.

All you see are words.

I see a weapon.

A book with power.

— Jasmine Nelson, third grade


Still waiting, just waiting

Like a feather in the sky

So lonely, so cold

still waiting.

Until ...drip, drop,

plip, plop.

The slightest drops of rain drop down.

But like a feather, I’m

Still waiting.

Still in one piece the

Feather drops.

And the waiting is


— Madison Stone, third grade


The Time of My Life

Once I went far.

Oh, once I went far away.

I went to Mareland

On a beautiful day.

Then when we got there

It was 3:00 in the morning.

Then when I woke up

She was here

She kissed me on the cheek

And talked to me

Did you bring it?

Well, did you?

Yes, sweetie, yes!

— Bradley, no last name given, first grade


Dinosaurs dinosaurs

whare have you been?

What killd you?




How did you fight?

How did you eat?

Please please tell me.

How big were your teeth?

I like you.

I love you.

Next time

Don’t go away!

— Asher, no last name given, first grade

Since Elizabeth Ann Is Gone

Since Elizabeth Ann is gone

Ice cream tastes like dirt

I don’t hear



See anything the same

Since Elizabeth Ann is gone

I miss my friend Elizabeth Ann

— Stella Rose, no last name given, first grade


Friends care

Friends share

Friends have love


Friends make friends



And share.

— Melinda no last name given, first grade



Kittens, Puppies

Cats, Dogs



Taking care of sick animals

I’m going to be a

Vet when I grow up.

— Jane, no last name given, first grade


I like trees yes I do

Swaying and blowing in the brees

I like that

But don’t go yet

I like more

the green and red,

orange, yellow and brown

and thers more

but I need to go now

but that is what I like about trees

— Jacob, no last name given, first grade


Why is the

Sun in the day?

And the moon in the dark?

Why why why do animals have

To be captured

At the zoo?

Why why why do hunters hunt

For wolfs?

Why why why?

I have so many questions my brain is going to spill!

— Stella Rose, no last name given, first grade

A Rainbow

Red; yellow; green;

Black; penk;

Oring; purpol; vilite; blou;

Gray; to

I am a coler of the rainbow

how about you?

— Jevon, no last name given, first grade

At the beach

At the bech nice and hot

Laying on a towl

So hot

Its so nice

And the sun pushis down on me So so so hot

— James, no last name given, first grade

Emma’s cat

Hope, look look look

mom mom mom

I found a cat cat cat!

— Emma, no last name given, first grade

The Moon

The moon was bright.






The spoon was shining

And it had

Lots of light

It all happened in


— Emilie, no last name given, first grade


“Ooy” bakes me cookies

Every single day

She puts ‘em in the oven

And then we go and play

And then we do a puppet play

And it’s time to put the puppets away

And then we go and eat the yummy treats

That we baked in the oven so sweet

— Hannah, last name unknown, first grade

My Birthday (2 poems)

I wait and wait for my birthday

I hope it is coming soon!

I wait and wait for my birthday

Til the hole yer is through!

It is my birthday.

I am 7.







I like birthdays!

— Trace, last name unknown, first grade


Poppes are red

Rosis are red

Harts are red

Your love is red

— Hope, last name unknown, first grade

Sad Day

O well, sad tune and it’s noon

Sad day

Sing a song

Ding dong

Poor wrong

They went outside and they cried



Why do you cry?, said a voice

Then it stopped

Who are you?

I’m Lou lou

Yes, it’s raining

That does not mean you can cry.

Bye bye

I’ll be back!

— Bradley, last name unknown, first grade

The Sun Shines

When the sun shines

High in the sky.

A bee buzzed

In the sky.

It made a rainbow

High and beautiful and big.

It made a smile on my face.

A big smile came on my face.

Fire works came in the sky.

Butterflys were in the sky.

The clouds were so white.

The sky was so brite.

And the blue ocean was sparkleing on earth.

Earth was green and shining.

The grass grew big.

And the sun

The sun sun sun shines.

— Anika, last name unknown, first grade


Life holds so many priceless things

The falling rain

The wind that sings,

Each star on high — a big full moon

No wealth can buy a mountain tall,

These priceless things GOD gave to all.

— Alia Staley, third grade


Books to the ceiling books to the sky there all here

There 10 feet high. There are books about home,

Books about school there are even books

That sounds so cool!

Books, books, books I just love.Them so much books, books, books

I can’t think of such a wonderful more

Fabulous to do than Read.

You can’t imagine the things learned.

So many things come from books

Like dinosaurs Life cycle of butter fly

And famous people like

Jackie Robinson. Books

Are very important to me and

Reading makes me as happy as

Happy can be.

— Major Williams, second grade


The following were submitted by the Killian Elementary Poetry Club:

My Baby Sister

My baby sister is always funny,

She’s as cute as little bunnies.

My baby sister is always loving,

But to me I think she’s very cunning.

— Darshawna Barnes


Life is a roller coaster,

It has its ups and downs and turns arounds,

Don’t let it turn you around,

Stand up to your fears,

Let knowledge be your guide to success.

— Toney Richbow


Friendly, pretty

Caring, laughing, learning

Love to play outside


— Alexis Williams

Pink, Purple, and Red

Pink, purple, and red,

Are the colors of some people’s head,

It must be a dread,

Having pink, purple, and red in your head.

— Andrea Wood


Pretty, funny

Appreciating, loving, caring

A very delightful friend,


— Aisha Robinson

My Lucky Charm

The love I have for my mom,

Is all the luck I need.

For in life I have many good deeds,

Her heart and soul cannot be harmed.

That is why she is my...


— Taylor Lighty


God’s Salvation

God’s salvation is never ending

So that he is always sending

His angels down to protect us

He always goes out of his way to end all the fuss

People love the Lord Jesus

He died and went to hell to free us

From the evil of our sin

So we won’t end up like trash tossed in a bin

All our sins are forgotten

So we won’t be with the people whose minds are rotten

God’s grace will never end

And no one knows what’s coming around the bend

— Trevor Edwards, eighth grade



No more laughing out loud

Crying over something, not proud

You used to be there helping me

Now you leave, hurting me

There is no more of you in my memories

Not one trace

Been trying to erase

These horrible memories of you

Now there is no more of you

Warm tears used to fall out my eyes

Now they’re empty and dry

There are a few silent cries

But why?

Why do you hurt me?

Breaking down to little pieces

Killing everything inside me

But now I am done

You’re out of my life

For good...

— Deja Rivers, eighth grade

A Father’s Love

A father’s love is something every girl wants

It makes you feel special

It makes you feel like you are the princess that you always wanted to be

A father’s love is both motivating and inspiring

The love a father gives makes his little girl feel like

The world is hers and nobody can take that from her

It makes her feel that she is the most important thing and should be treated in the best way possible

A father’s love can do all of this

Yet sometimes mother tells you that you mean the world to her

But the way a father looks his daughter in the eye can never be gotten or taken back

A father is a protector who will do anything to keep his pumpkin safe

The love a father can give is undeniable

And can never be replaced

Fathers around the world all have this same quality

Even though they might not know it, fathers can make a great impact

I love my father

He is my inspiration

I hope fathers every where are the same too.

— Jazmyne Gause, eighth grade

I Miss You

This is a feeling words can’t express

But in this poem I’ll try my best

I miss you is all can say

It’s sad because I think of you everyday

We used to be together

But look at us now

Here I am waiting but still no sound

All I’m left with now is memories

Some make me happy

Others make me sad

I wish you were here

Because I miss you so bad

This is a feeling words can’t express

But in this poem I tried my best.

— ShaToni Foster, eighth grade

Marlayna is rainbow

So colorful you see

With hair of every shade

Marlayna’s got endless possibilities

Marlayna is a rainbow

Where the colors collide

Is where wrong and right intertwine

With all those muddled designs, Marlayna can’t make up her mind

Marlayna is a rainbow

So high up in the sky

A deeper meaning of that line

Could get Marlayna fined

Marlayna is a rainbow

Appearing after a storm

With any tragic event

Marlayna is never a bore

— Marlayna Gallardo, eighth grade


I don’t have to be asleep

to dream,

I can just have a random thought

about ice cream.

When I dream,

I dream about big things.

I dream about playing pro ball,

Or about being real tall.

I dream about being

an athletic star,

Or owning a lot

of really big cars.

I dream about having

a big house,

That would be

the whole world for a mouse.

I dream bog or dream small,

And the good thing is,

I don’t have to be asleep at all.

— Michael Roberts, eighth grade

Living Life

At a point in time

I thought life was a game

Our life came

Depending on how we played

But this is not how it was made

The board is erased

We don’t know how

our life will be placed

Only God knows

But it will be full

of highs and lows

We are here

to live and grow

A life forever

means living has to go

To be human is to die

and make room

For more life will be weaved,

not by a loom.

— Kyla Salomon, eighth grade

American Soldier

What he does I hold so dear50 states that he hears

Despite disapproval of the regular Jack

He's been there before but decides to come back

He leads men to battle with a sneer

As he remembers the gunblast that he still hears

He left us to save our backs

All for what we ask

Who inspires me is my dad

Col. Ken C. Braddock

— K.C. Braddock, eighth grade

Miss You Granny

Oh, how much I miss you.

Wishing every day that I had a chance

to say bye once more,

and to call you mommy

and see your face brighten up.

If only I could be in your presence,

Enjoying your warm, welcoming smile.

Mommy, it didn't take much thought

when realizing who I should give my

tribute to,

Something on my heart said it

should be you.

If I could bring you back, that would make

my life complete

If only I could tell you

how much you meant to me,

To tell you I love you,

To let you see what I've grown up to be.

I know at times you just couldn't see

what's going on,

But still you loved me unconditionally.

I admire you for your courage

and your willing spirit.

You will always and forever be my hero,

My brave one,

And lastly my beautiful grandmother.

— Aliyah Al-Karim, eighth grade

End of Middle School

Three years,

Same routine,

Five A.M. wake up,

Two-thirty let out,

No fun in that.

Everything is a breeze,

Nothing new,

Grade change,

Time change,

Class change.


Time to get out,

Move on.

Start something new.

Never look back.

— Nicholas Marino, eighth grade

He is Me and I Am Him

He is me and I am him

Both alike, in so many different ways

Two different people

Same situation

I care and listen

He keeps an open mind

He knows every single detail about me

He makes me laugh and I do the same

He explains me and I explain him

No one can tell us apart

My eyes seep into his beautiful eyes as his eyes do the same

I can't look for long

Because I fear he will see everything like my fear

But then come the tears and he smiles to wipe them away

He holds me in his arms, he's so warm

I feel safe

He is my heaven on earth

This is an ode to you because

You are me and I am you.

— B'Asia Settles, eighth grade


Work! Sit! Work! Sit!

School never leases me.

Wake up early to catch the bus.

My whole day

I'm under the rush.

Test! Test! Test!

Hope I ace it,

Because I always try my best.

I know I"m going to be

full of success.

Even when the teachers

nag me to death.

Lunch! Lunch! Lunch!

Prison food awaits.

Wondering what is inside this mess.

Stomach growling, my face is frowning.

I think they're starving me to death.

Friends! Friends! Friends!

The best thing about school.

Got my back we run the halls

in a pack.

For we are the stuff

Now we're back to

Work! Sit! Work! Sit!

— Nabila Benjamin, eighth grade


Jumping high, soaring through the air

the crowd watching, going silent, we all stare

with a revolutionary dunk he scored, we all scream

a turning point in my life I found a dream

With a pair of black shorts and a white T-shirt

I dribble down the court, I may trip fall and get hurt

but that will not stop me, I had a dream I had a plan

I practice day and night with the motto “I think I can, I think I can”

I want to make a smile on friends and peers, make my parents proud

I want to step out on that arena and hear the crowd scream out loud

In the middle of that arena being so short

I shot it and


it at half-court

the cheerleaders cheer and be as sweet at Hershey

I know I walked out with a smile and sweat on my jersey

I know that my hard work would pay off someday

and there is only one thing that I got to say“Basketball”

— Aaron Mathew

Love Poem

Love is special

Love is sweet

For two people that will meet

They will make each other feel warm inside

While their stomachs are full of butterflies

They will each make things a lot of fun

While their relationship is rising like the sun

They will not care how much money the other one makes

They will only depend on their love and their faith

They will know their relationship cannot be beat

Love is special

Love is sweet.

— Jahlessa Coatie, AVID program


Today I went outside to play,

Sparks went off across the way,

I started to walk because I wanted to know,

What was going on so,

I walked and walked and walked some more,

Unsure of what will be in store,

I felt bad when I saw the source,

A feeling rising of remorse,

Guess what caused me so much dismay?

I forgot it was Independence Day!

Fireworks going left and right

I sat and watched them all night.

— Trey Radford, eighth grade

Mother Mary

I still remember the joy of the great mother mary

The short, old woman, that was nice. Very, very!

She was the grandmother of my mom, now a secretary

These are the actions of the great mother mary

My sister and I thought she was funny, sometimes scary

The way she overruled our parents’ decisions, her voice colder than february.

I love the way she talked with such vocabulary

I was a sad day, around last January

When I watched the men, dressed in black at the cemetery.

I won’t forget the feeling, my face like a blue-berry

Remembering the expired great mother mary.

— CJ Blume, eighth grade

Home Boy

No one to be known is like a home boy

A roam boy

Might as well be left alone boy

I’m own my own boy

Got it out in Rome boy

All in a ya phone boy

No breath put the O2 to your doam boy

Home boy the ones that help you get it in

Non-numbah one I’d rather be ten

If it’s cold out side I’d rather let him in

Home boys are cool cause there like friends

Fake ones see you in a Benz and thinks

— William Samuel

Lost bestfriend

Best friends was what

They called each other

Always played together

Always laughed together

Together they were bestfriends

Some didn’t want them

To be; but others did

But they didn’t care

Then one day her best

Friend left; saddest day

Oh her life

So they grew apart

And wonder about each

Other; knowing they

Might never see each other

But she never told herself


She always told herself“I just lost my Bestfriend”

Because deep within she’ll

See him again

— Briana Austin, eighth grade

Her Smile

I stare at her in class

We call her smiley

Cause she’s always smiling,

She has the weirdest but

Cutest smile I know

But behind her smile

I see her pain; she’s

Been through a lot

And could cry all day

Her faces shows so much

Emotions, all these emotions

All on one face ...

Why can’t she talk to someone?

Why does she keep it all in?

But I can see she wants too

She wants to talk

She wants to cry

She wants to yell

But she can’t; she’s

Force to put a smile on

Her face, everyday

I don’t see how

She could do that

She must be very strong

She smiles everyday, even

Though everything is wrong

— Briana Austin, eighth grade


My angel watches me on a sunny night

She is there when nobody is

My angel cares when I don’t care

My angel listens and glisten’s

And is a hero at heart

My angel is always there

My angel flies high and can tough the sky

Tells me everything will be ok

Lets me know I should never say goodbye

My angel is a hero in my eyes

My angel isn’t much older than me

My angel isn’t magical

She lets me remember to be me

My angel never lets time fly without being herself

She can’t leave or say goodbye

My angel won’t leave without me

My angel fly’s high in the sky

While she listens and glisten’s

She will always be by my side

— Krista Watkins, eighth grade

Inspired by the words and lyrics I wrote

I’m married to my music

In love with my notes

Held deep inside at some times I boast

Never sugar coat like cinnomin toast

Contest with the grose

Your taking a dose!

Cruise and roast

To coast to coast

Walk in the front door wonder whats up in here

When they can pull more strings than a pupateer

I must have payed cause I feel some luck in here

Room full of quacks like a duck in here

Bombed down foundation

Why wont you duck in here

Just me and myself

So theres nothing here

My self isnt afraid to save me

Stop the war in Iraq its the 80s baby

When I was young I use to play hide seek

Now I’m young teen playing hide and keep

An adrenaline rush you aint fining me

Back row probly in the drivers seet

If you think money rules the world your kinda weak

If riches talk I guess my voice is kinda deep

— William Samuel, eighth grade

With Out You What Would I Be?

Whats the ocean without water

The sky without the sun

The night without the moon!

There nothing but a empty space!

Whats a human with out a brain.

People without a heart

There cruel and undeniable

These things would be like me

If I didn’t have


I love you Bestfriend!

— Courtney Lyles, eighth grade


Roses are red

Violets are blue

I don’t like school that’s what I said

Do you

I like football and baseball

Sometimes I go to the mall

My favorite teams are the Cowboys and the Rangers

I don’t like cops because they use tazers

I also like UFC

I’m glad Rampage Jackson beat Keith Jardene

Mark Sanchez is a beast

Just like the boys and the Rangers of the east

— Shawn Ausmus

Yes We Can!

Yes we did,

Yes we can,

from every woman,

to every man.

Yes we could,

Yes we should,

from every state

and neighborhood.

Yes we want,

Yes we need,

barack obama,

has set us free.

So say with me, loud and

clear, yes we can!

Yes we will!

— Dyneise C.J., seventh grade


Pain is something you feel

To which it does not appeal

You feel it when y’all hurt

It is something I’d convert

Sometimes it’s a discovery

This is what I think pain means to me

It’s surely the opposite of heavenly

This is what I think pain means to me

It is nothing like love

Which true should come from above

Pain is something you feel

To which it does not appeal

— Okechi Ntiasagwe, seventh grade

I want to be

Forever his lady

Forever in his heart

Falling for his charm

Forever lost in his love and affection

And all he asks is for one thing

to love him back

Forever his lady

I want to be

— Kiana Cummings, eighth grade

A Little Knowledge on Love

The thing

that either break you or make you

The thought of not being alone

may fill with joy or just add stress

Only you can decide how it will end

There is such a thing as

true love but most

settle for less or look too hard

but that’s your problem to deal with

— Kiana Cummings, eighth grade

Spring Begins to Blossom

It’s coming, it’s coming, have you not heard?

Spring is coming, don’t you hear the beautiful sound of that gorgeous bird?

It’s here, it’s here, can’t you see?

Spring is here, so flowers can be planted by people like you and me!

It’s Spring, it’s Spring, can’t you assume?

Just stand around as the roses, violets, and dandelions bloom!

Spring is now here, so fall will come very soon.

Sit in the park, while light or dark, and listen to the birdies chirp a tune!

— Ashanti Ross, eighth grade

Unknown Student

Dear unknown student not with me,

You are special even if I cannot see.

Show yourself by shining your light.

Keep on following what is right.

Even if I do not know who you may be,

You stand steady like a tree.

You are strong with all your might.

With pure actions and words you fight.

Sincerely from a very fellow student

P.S., Have you received what was sent?

Do not be an unknown student forever.

Break free very soon and not whenever.

— Kyla Salomon, eighth grade

Tribute: Mom

Mom, everyone has one

She’s the one who gave you life

And you’ll never forget it

A mom never gives up

Even if she wants to

When you’re sick, moms are like your own nurse

All moms are amazing

They know that they’re not perfect

And if you cross her

Be finding a good excuse

Moms are opened to us

— Kelsey Prince


I know that we are Soulmates

I get that special feeling on our every date

We finish each others sentences all of the time

Loving each other is not a crime

You seem to get the things that I say

And to see and just be with me you will go out of your way

You say that I am beautiful just enough

We know how to comfort each other when times are rough

You make me smile and laugh a lot

You say that I am something from other girls that there not

We have those moments where we just look and stare

And I hope and pray you will always be there

Loving you there is nothing wrong with that

And no one has to me that that’s a fact

— Hallie Bonds, eighth grade

Growing up

Growing up happens for a reason

It seems like we learn something new season by season

We learn many lessons about life

Lessons that make us want to do right

Making life deeply something that we appreciate

Each stage that we go through has its ups and downs

And with the people around us we share many smiles and frowns

Laughing and crying and all of that mess

Life pretty much equal up to a long strenuous test

So stick with it and never give up

You have to be tough because no said that life would be easy

Sometimes its gonna be rough

— Hallie Bonds, eighth grade

Tribute to/for My Friend

Always being there for me,

My friend is by my side.

Personality so free,

Her smile never hides.

We went through the same things,

Some we won’t talk about,

But the joy her laugh brings.

Bans the bad; make me happily shout

Just a simple phone call;

A question about homework,

Makes my spirits jump up from a fall,

And stops my fears where they lurk.

She’s absent for a day ...

I begin to worry.

My thumbs play.

My mind scurries.

After school, I call her;

She says that she’s fine.

My panic starts to blur,

Her smile, through the phone, starts to shine.

— Anel Khasiyetova

The Night

Beautiful the night is

Not play time for kids

As the the sun sets

No more walking the pets

The adult’s favorite time

While the criminal commits his crime

Blue moon light

Please shine so bright

Why before I’ve awoke from bed

You have already fled

— Oscar Rosales, seventh grade

Tribute to My Mother

Dear little Woman who I’ve know for 13 straight years

We are not as close as we should

But perhaps one day we would

As time goes by, just know I’ve been watching you

Interesting is one word to describe you

But aren’t we all

Life for us have been a struggle

But take it from me

I just kick the mud in the puddle

We have laughed together and played together

Great times we once had

Now all that’s left is the memories

But really that’s not true we have had our fun in our own little way

I’m just saying it doesn’t always stay

When I was once just alone for you to hold

You notice the beauty in me

For we were just alike in ways that you could barely see

We fuss, we fight

Sometimes we may cry at night

But still, I’m your loving daughter

And you will always be my Mother

And that’s the best blessing

That I have received.

— Christina Green, eighth grade


Grandma; Grandma

What can I say?

Your amazing caring and sweet

You always have treats when we meet.

Grandma; Grandma

What can I say?

I love you to death

even more than Seth.

Meemaw; Meemaw

What do you do?

Clean the house

and kill every nasty mouse.

Meemaw; Meemaw

I love you so much.

We may be miles apart

but our hearts aren’t.

Meemaw; Meemaw

I love you so much!

— Alyssa Cates


Football is something you do when you are bored

It’s when you let out all the energy that you have stored

It’s something you do when you want to have fun

You sit outside and play under the sun

There are many positions that you can play

Quarterback, Receivers you can play all day

To win in football you have to score a touchdown

You can trip people up and make them look like a clown

But as usual all things must come to an end

So this is a game that I will always recommend

— Kenneth Johns, seventh grade

Love Beneath Emotion

She is a friend

A lover that cares

She is a mother

And a friend indeed

She yells, talks, and screams

When I do the wrong things

I learn from my mistakes

And I do the right things

She cares

She wonders

A friend a lover

Important person

To talk to

She is like a mother tiger that cares for her young

Wonderful with beauty

She is such a cutie

Slim, smart with Sunshine

Love to be with and talk to

She is my mommy

That rubs my tummy

— Shenika Gover, seventh grade


Even though your busy,

You’re always there for me,

You never complain,

Your the best as can see.

Even though you tired

You’re still good to me

You never give up

Your the best as can see

If I do something good

You will always be proud of me

You are always thankful

Your the best as can see

We’ve gone through good times and bad times

Even though the worst as it could be

You are very brave

And as you can see you are very special to me

— Terry Robinson, seventh grade

What is it?

Is it only from my dad?

Or can I get it from my mom.

How does it feel?

It makes me smile

For a long while

It makes me warm and kind

It is my mom, dad, brother, family, and friends

What is it?

Is it when I angry?

Or only if my feelings hurt.

How does it feel?

It doesn’t seem nice

I think I want to fight

It makes me want to end the night

And maybe start again the next day

— Jelani Russell, seventh grade

Tribute to That Special Someone

A special person you really are

Like a very beautiful, glistening star

So addicted to being with you

A love that really cannot be true

A special place in my heart you will always touch

Smiles like yours are much too much

Even through the bad moments in which I wept

During those bad times in which my mind was set

To let you go and leave my heart in a wreck

You made be feel better before I slept

You made me smile and made sure that it was kept

And I still have not repaid you yet

It does not take much for a blind man to see

That in my heart and mind you will forever be

— Sonya Ketchens

What My Last Name Means to Me!






— Skyler Suber

Tribute to My Mom

My Mommy is good

All of my issues are understood

My Mommy is better

Another Mom existing like her will be never

My Mom is the best

And she will never stop loving me until that long rest

Her comfort is my savior

When I have a sad face and behavior

A stern attitude she keeps

But still so honey sweet

Fun is something her and I have

After those brief moments when we are mad

So stick with me my friend and you will see

A mother-daughter love so lovely

— Sonya Ketchens

A Tribute to God

God is loyal

God is faithful

God is helpful

But sometimes painful

That’s who God is

God is a man who died on the cross

To save our lives, so we wouldn’t get lost

He did this because he loves us

I love him too, and this is true

That’s who God is

God is someone who gives you life

He helps you through it by leading the way

But its your choice if you want to continue to stay the right way

That’s who God is

God is a man

Who understands our problems

And forgives us when we sin

That’s who and what God is all about

— Ebony Haynes

A Tribute to Life

Life can be good

Life can be bad

Life can be happy

Life can be sad

But life is life

Life is a privilege

Life is a choice

Life is a good thing

Life is a voice

But life is life

Life’s not all about fancy things

Life’s not all about cars and money

Life’s not all about fitting in with a crowd

Life’s not all about abundances

But life is life

Life is about necessities

Life is about needs

Life is about being yourself

And doing good deeds

But life is life

And life is in me

— Ebony Haynes

Tribute to Jamaica

Jamaica Jamaica

Jamaica is the place to be

A place to to relax

A place where you have some fun

Out in the sun

Waves crashing on the beach

To music in the streets

Its a party every day

And a place to stay at night

Jamaica Jamaica

— Jarett Baker

My Tribute

She’s my heart, my other half, it’s my

mom. She pushes me to do my

personal best. Even though I mumble

under my breath, I thank her every day.

She tells the truth about everything.

Everybody tells me I look like my mom

and dad, but I only see my mom

and my dad! I only see my mom

though. If my mom doesn’t feel good, I

take care of her, when she’s mad; I try

to make her glad. I love my mommy.

She’s my mom and my best friend!

— Amina Gaines

I want to find the one ...

My body is sleeping,

My mind is racing

I dream of weeping

And dog chasing

But the one thing that goes through my mind

Over and over

They hope to search and find

It’s like a rover

I want to find the one for me

I want to find the one to love

I want to find the one that will give me warm tea

I want the one that won’t wonder

But, most of all,

I want one that will love me

For me

— Brianna Hammond, eighth grade

Where to Go

Where you flow

I certainly don’t know

Why do you want to go?

Are you hiding away?

Until someone says it’s okay

I don’t know if I’d ever leave

Where’d I be?

No what would I see

I guess that time will come

When I have to run

Go my own way

Trying not to go astray

But for now I’m here

Here with you

And all I want to know is

Why do you want to go?

— Kiara Williams, eighth grade

Tribute: My Mom

You are my life.

My sun, my

very whine

to go through

life without

you I would


— Taylor, last name not given


You work so hard and I don’t thank you.

You give me so much and it doesn’t seem like I appreciate it.

You work aimlessly through the night and all I do is ask for more.

I know I don’t tell you this much; but I appreciate everyone you do to make sure I’m taken care of.

I will love you FOREVER more!

— Marcus Gibbs, seventh grade


I fly left, I fly right.

I use all my might to fly up and away.

The stresses of life pull me down.

I fight, I strive, I persevere.

I push harder to get back to nowhere.

I’m going to make it.

I’m going to survive!

Victory will be mine

— Alicia Frazier, seventh grade

Baby To Be Born

A baby is to be born

Eight months to go

Girl or Boy? Nobody knows

Her mom is clueless

the girl is scared

Her boyfriend has left her

in the dust all alone

Only four months to go

you see a full bump

she’s constantly sick

Can’t go to school

Her education is suffering

Her mother now knows

It’s a girl

so soft and suttle

so sweet and joyous

She keeps the baby

She goes back to school

The students are amazed

Some think it’s cool

Rumors start

She can’t stop them

She feels so annoyed

She starts to get mad

She loses control

One day at school

she doesn’t show

her friends are worried

she might be okay

some people are glad she didn’t show up today

Over the next few weeks

she slowly fades away

she dropped out of school

what else can she say?

— Jade Johnson

Be Who You Are

Be who you are, act like a star

Live your life forever and far

Look at the moon, watch the sun set

Live everyday as if it’s a bet

Show your personality to him and her

And something great will surely occur

Cherish all the moments that can last

From the present, and even the past

Dance in the rain, play all day

Live your life right, just as you like

— Bria Patton

All the drama its unwanted stop the fighting

In the words of Spike Lee we should all do the right thing

It strikes fast like lightning

Yet so exciting

Yet so frightning

Despite all the griping

Problems so trifling

Black is bad

But yet so whitening

Explosions in your face

Watch the beautiful display

Nothing been right

Still to this day

See the country side and I’m chillin out today

Stand in my lane you better be getting in my way

Its in sane of all the gems I got

Try holding my crown you limbs will rot

Try wearin my shoes I’ll even lend you socks

Fells like tims made of cinderblocks

Try rollin my lane your stock rims will pop

Hell is a bad place send me not

Music is my life

So I’m friend with pac

My family rolls so they kin and rock

Walk in the swamp a sin to trot

Bit the hand that feed me

I’ve been the crock

— William Samuel

These poems were themed to a Holocaust classroom lesson:

The Release from Pain

I set out on a narrow way

Many years ago

Teaching a school in Germany

Along the cobbled road

I'm out in the market

With my feet in the sand

Looking for something to eat

But then I'm dragged into a van

I'm greeted by others

With desire on their face

Like they knew what was going to happen

Like they knew their fate

The journey is long

Some people don't make it

The depressing surroundings plus the smell

I just couldn't take it

The door opened with a gust of wind

The fresh air greeted me with a welcoming sound

I had little time to enjoy it

Because I was pushed to the ground

The guard had told me

I would have more time to wonder

But first

I would receive my number

The number is now my name

Which was Linda Walton

It was given to me by my grandmother

So it will never be forgotten

It has been a few month now

I'm not weak but not strong

I don't know how long it will last

But I don't think it will be long

The guards put a hard watch over us

Kicks us when we are down

Like we are young dogs

Although we never make a sound

The stress keeps building up

Too much more than I can take

My world is spinning

This decision I must make

It is hard to decide what to do

I have no friends or family

Just me

So maybe I'll do option two

My countdown to freedom

Starts at twenty

The guards, the sadness

I'll soon be free of them

The number is now at ten

The room will be crowded with people

With guns ready to attach me

For my sin

Nine, eight, seven six

My moments are descending quickly

Although this is scary

I do not get sickly

Five, four, three, two one

The blasts are quick and painless

But I'll never forget

That I never deserved this

What I did was so strong

So real

That all I had to do

Was steal

— Crystal Yarbo, seventh grade


I hate this position

this position I am stuck.

Where I am stuck

and cannot move.

Moving is what I want to do.

But I can't move from this position.



But can't

I'm stuck in this position,

this position is

where I don't want to be.

I want to be


— Denisha Odom, seventh grade

Pain for the Jewish Name

Every day for many years

We suffered here on earth

Our eyes shed painful tears

Were told we had no worth

How long before we're free

Singing our song of praise

Praying Yahweh will see

Our fragile hands we raise

War we want no more

Jewish is who we are

Their closing the chamber door

In the forest we'll go far

Many have been killed

Our bodies bleed the same

Innocent blood is spilled

All for our ancestors name

— King Johnson, seventh grade


My name is Sally

I am washing dishes

I've been shot before

and now I have twenty stitches

I have a son and a daughter

they are like two peas in a pod

it is very crazy

it is very odd

My daughter is playing dolls

my son is outside

while I was cleaning up

I heard a big cry

The people quickly bombarded the door

leaving me screaming

i tried to fight back

but it made them steaming

They took us outside

and put us in a van

filled with men and guns

and people with cans

The were taking us to a camp

a camp filled with Jews

the people were sad, and it smelled weird

Adolf Hitler is the cause of this madness

he did a great damage

I want to get out of this

I want to start a rampage

Come on people

we can win, we can win this war

don't give up ,don't give up yet

we can win right down to the core

The guards heard me

they took me and my family away

they took us so quickly

before I could say

they lined us up in shooting line

I saw a my crying friend Clover

they shot my daughter then my son

Bam!! they shot me, now my war is over.

— Harrison Terry, seventh grade

Am I Alive

Audre' out, my teacher was yelling,

All Jewish kids in Germany were being kicked out,

Mama was crying when I got home "don't worry" she said,

the roads were grey like rock being kicked about

People were picked away like a wave when hailing,

People were sent to concentration camps far out,

The people were dead,

Diseases spread like wild fire, not doubt

People weren't telling,

You got me through but now I without,

My sister is on her death bed,

All I can do is pout,

The people are fleeing,

Nazis are out,

They caught Ted,

I was about to shout

People were telling,

I was out,

But you were dead,

And I was with out

— Hadiyah Lewis, seventh grade

Stand up

As I hear they say fight for your pride,

Never let anyone bring down you ride,

If you listen to what the world say,

Just be yourself at the end of the day,

Don't let words bring you down,

Just a take a walk around town,

Let the wind blow through your hair,

Like some wet napkins or paper Mache,

By the time you think you are ready,

Don't be scared to stand your ground steady,

Let your heart talk and not your brain,

And let the words fall as if its the rain.

— China and Rakeem Jackson, seventh grade

My Holocaust Story

My name is Naisha,

I'm 16 years old,

I live in Poland, Germany,

Sometime my and family and I get cold

Life is very hard for me,

My family is very poor,

We tried to hide but.......

Suddenly there was a bang on the door

They took us to concentrate camps,

We had no clothes, shoes, and had lice,

They treated us very harsh,

It wasn't just a breeze

I was so scared and I became skinny,

We were starved to death,

They worked us like crazy,

But luckily I made a friend name Marybeth

Finally the war was over,

They released us,

Then we gathered with our families,

On the freedom bus

— Janay Ward, seventh grade


Hate is strong word creeping in your heart.

A word that creeps, almost every day.

Hate, a word that shows your true feelings.

Your selfish and rude true feelings.

If it is one thing it is another.

Hate is a strong word creeping in your heart.

— Denisha Odom, seventh grade

Creation of Ballad

I am a girl who lives in Poland

and my name is Isabell

I teach Jewish children

when I ring the bell

That's when the Nazi's came in

and they told us we had to move

So they pushed us in the van

Before I could disapprove

It was a long drive

so we sat and waited

I asked where we were going

all they did was dictated

Next time I know we were in a camp

filled with different Jews

So it was very cramped

The children were scared

So I said baby you'll be ok

I said I will protect u

Then they said hey

There go our parents

so that's when they ran

they were so happy

that they ran out the van

— Alexis Wood, seventh grade

My Journey Through the Holocaust

My name is Courtney,

I am twelve years old.

My journey though the Holocaust;

Was bitter and cold.

It was a Sunday morning,

I was out shopping for mother.

She told me to go pick up some groceries,

And all of a sudden the Nazi grabbed me and my brother.

We were terrified,

We didn't know what to do,

They were pushing us all,

And calling us useless Jews.

We arrived at the concentration camps,

As they placed us in groups.

I wanted to know where momma was,

But I didn't want to ask the troops.

This was the worst experience ever,

And I hope to never go through it again.

The Nazi were so mean and horrifying,

I just wanted to kick them in their shin.

May name is Courtney,

I am twelve years old.

My Journey through the Holocaust

Was bitter and cold.

— Cassie Barnhill, seventh grade

Time to Go

The name is China to begin with,

My life is kind of mysterious,

it has it's ups and downs,

though this journey has be delirious

The family and I have left our homes,

those perpetrators have taken us away,

We have no clue where we're going,

where ever it is I hope we don't stay

I constantly ask my mom were we're headed,

she replies with I don't have a clue,

I pray to god that they don't hurt us,

or whatever they might do

We pull up to these busted camps,

and start to get off the bus,

everyone seems to be very frightened,

even the two of us

We all step out of the bus,

and see people getting shot one by one,

this sighting is horrible,

you can tell it's not fun

My mom says she loves me,

because all the bullets will sum,

they will the trigger on her,

so I now my time has come

— China Jackson, seventh grade


Thinking that the people of Nuremberg was equal

But walking as Simon the Jew, I'm always scared

Sometimes I don't fill like me

And I actually thought Germans cared

Mom, why don't people do stuff to Hitler

Well, son, I don't know but I want it to end

Why don't you do something about it

It's not easy like being a friend

Look mom hear comes a man

Who looks like he is coming our way

He looks like a gorilla in my eyes

See this is why I'm scared everyday"You two" he said, "come here

You're coming this way with me"

To the camp of death

Where its horrible, I guarantee

Knowing this was going to happen

I was still terrified of bad things

When I arrived at the camp I began to think

Of how other people died of terrible bombings

My mom and I knew that we weren't going to last

So when I saw her face I always cried

I didn't know my future, but I know my mom's

Because one day she didn't wake, I knew that she had died.

— Javion Lyles, seventh grade

The Fears of a Jewish Child

I've never met my momma before

My brother says she was kind

It would have been great to meet her once

Instead of her leaving our time.

The holocaust has come along

And it has brought us Jews much horror

Hitler split my family up

But worst of all, took my mother.

I hear a march, a soldier's march,

From outside my door.

I look and see the Nazi colors,

They began to implore.

They take me and my brother to a camp,

Oh the horrid sight to my eyes,

We trembled all the way there

With hatred of Hitler in our minds.

Now we sit alone in the cold,

I then think of my mother,

I think of what Hitler did to her

And worry for my brother.

The little girl I saw as we entered,

Has gone and disappeared.

No longer can she be with us,

I thought as the death truck neared.

The stench sickened me to my stomach,

I stuck a peek through

I gasped as I saw the dead bodies

Hoping that what I saw was untrue.

I fear to go in the showers

It's the fear of what will come

For either it will be gas or water

But we can't chose either one.

No choosing in our fate,

Only to be decided for,

Is it really fair?

To not have a choice in this war?

— Sharese Salters, seventh grade


Grandfather, what was it like when...

Grandfather, what was it like when the moon was bright and the stars were glistening?

It was like a dream, a dream that took you far out. When the moon was telling a story and the stars were listening!

Grandfather, what was it like when your mother was cooking your birthday cake, and you were waiting?

It was a time of excitement, and joy, and everybody was silent waiting for the ding!

Grandfather, what was it like when everyone was poor and begging for more?

It was a sad time seeing people suffer, and die. Everybody was ready for it to end!

Grandfather, what is it like to sit on the porch and answer my questions?

My girl, it’s like a dream come true, and nothing can replace it!

— Anjali Gottipaty, fifth grade


Blue is a wave of sound.

It tells you that someone is sad, or a baby boy was just born.

It reminds the old of the nice summer days where the skies were bright and the waves were crashing on the shore.

Blue is the color of justice.

The thing that keeps this nation alive.

But what does blue mean most,

It means me a happy girl who loves the ocean and summer, and a girl who means justice, and justice for all!

— Anjali Gottipaty, fifth grade


Cousins, they’re givers,

Cousins, they’re sisters,

They give you their love,

They show you their heart,

They take you below and above,

Cousins, they’re your family.

— Tanvi Mehta, fourth grade

The Park

I love the park

Cause its tons of fun

I love to see the children run

Run and scream and jump all day

It makes me happy when they play

Fun, I don’t like it when it ends.

— Glennis Keels, fourth grade


My mom makes me feel happy,

All things about her make me happy,

When she walks in the room,

She smells like lovely lavender.

The way she looks is like a diamond,

Like they say, “Diamonds are a girl’s best friend.”

When I hear her come down the steps,

It makes me feel excited to see her.

When I touch my mom,

it is wonderful

She feels soft like a cloud

My mom rocks!!

— Lynisse Brown, fourth grade

My Dogs

My dogs, my dogs

They are the best,

Except for when they

Cause a big mess.

They tear up their toys

And scatter treats,

They even pull socks

Right off your feet.

My dogs snuggle close

To me every night.

I love them and

Squeeze them tight.

— Micayla Hayden, fourth grade


Lime green is a parrot,

Reddish brown is the fur of a ferret.

Pink is my soft lips,

Blue is my left to right swaying hips.

Turquoise is the ocean blue,

Gray really makes me go, “Achoo, Achoo.”

— Savannah Williams, fourth grade


I’m feeling mad,

I’m feeling sad,

I’m feeling happy,

I’m feeling bad,

When I go outside I feel glad,

I’m so joyful when I come back,

That I give a hug to my dad,

I feel really good with my stand-up comedy,

I feel so great with my friends and family.

— Josiah Coatie, fourth grade


Orange is the color that will make you scream,

Silver makes a lovely wedding ring.

Lavender is the color of love to me,

Blue is the color of the deep blue sea,

Pink is the color of blossoming flowers,

Red just makes you want to get up and holler,

What do colors mean to you?

— Chadajah Robinson, fourth grade

My Mom

My mom is a star shining in the sky,

She is like gold in the sun,

Diamonds in the night,

Flowers in the sunset,

The sun in the sky,

The moon in the night.

— Alexis Patera, fourth grade


Football is a challenge,

Football is a fight,

For the winning of the game.

Football is getting revenge,

Football I could play all night,

In the end you win the fame.

Football is just fun,

Football is just right,

But football is more than a game.

Football is my life,

Football I give it my might,

After playing football, you’ll never be the same.

— Connor Jacobs, fourth grade

Mother in the Day

My mother in the day is a beautiful sight,

With a lavender purse and high heels of gray,

My mother in the day has a beautiful tune,

While letting out a glorious soul,

My mother in the day is very successful,

While doing nails purple, blue, black and white.

My mother in the day is never picky,

You give her something and she says, “Thank you, darling,”

My mother in the day is why I get up in the morning,

Just waiting to hear her luxurious voice,

My mother in the day is the beat in my heart,

Just waiting to thump, thump, thump,

So listen to me you lucky little children,

Look at your mother and write what you’re feeling.

— Sierra Waters, fourth grade


Brown is for dirt right in the ground,

Purple is a really loud sound,

White is a bad color for a shirt,

Black is for soil that is from dirt,

Pink is the color I am using right now,

Blue is when you are dancing, take a bow,

Green is the color of a pear,

Red is the color I wear,

Violet is sometimes blue,

Yellow is the sun watching over the zoo.

— Courtney Noel, fourth grade


Shooting Stars

In the dark of midnight

one can come to see

a bright light across the sky

capturing childerns dreams

as everyone watches in wonder

as it flys across the sky

from the seas to the lake

everyones awake

to just catch a glimpse

of hope go by

the way that it shines

brighter than a golden sack

as it glows like an angel

in all of that black

— Blair Horton, sixth grade


Amazing Feet

Amazing feet,

Dancing, dancing,

Telling a story,

Of wonder.

Amazing feet,

Rising, oohing audiences

To their very extent.

Amazing feet,

No more Sugar Plum Fairy,

Just a tired girl,

Rubbing her tired feet.

But the Sugar Plum Fairy

Stays with her, rising, dancing.

Amazing feet!

— Sofia Romero, fifth grade


Rain splatters against the window,

Heavy gray clouds covering the sky,

Drop, drop never stop.

Like all the clouds crying at once.

Remembering the story of floods.

Drop, drop, drop.

Heavens open to show

A rainbow!

— Sofia Romero, fifth grade

Under the Ocean

If only I could spend a day under the ocean,

I could live my life in the waves.

If only I could live a day under the ocean,

I'd have my life to save.

If my day under the ocean were lovely,

Filled with color and light.

My day under the ocean would

Be a wonderful sight.

If only I could spend a day under the ocean,

I would enjoy waking up.

But my life is in S.C.

And that will have to wait.

— Sara Lara, fifth grade

Animal Free Verse

If I were a bird

I would fly really high.

If I were a dolphin

I would swim really fast.

If I were a cloud

I would make a bunch of shapes.

If I were a turtle

I would always protect myself.

If I were a swan

I would swim gracefully.

If I were a bumble bee

I would buzz people crazy.

If I were a frog

I would jump really far.

If I were a fish

I would show off my scales.

if I were a dog

I would play really hard.

If I were a deer

I would really blend in.

— Adam Haltiwanger, fifth grade


Spring, spring, spring

It is finally here

And if you don't believe me

Go ask a neighbor and don't fear.

Spring, spring, spring

What a wonderful sight

Besides all that rain

Oh, that sun is very bright.

Spring, spring, spring

With all of that wind

I let my friend play with my kite

That I have to lend

Spring, spring, spring

It's finally time to end

Because summer is coming

My best wishes I send.

— Khaila Burchell, fifth grade

Playing & Laughing All Day

I do cartwheels.

I jump till I can't jump anymore.

I laugh all day in class until it becomes the last.

When I was doing my homework

I heard a bee bumbling in my ear.

There was no telling where the bee came from.

I flew my kite in the wind as I watched

The soccer players kick the

Ball into the goal.

Playing and laughing is my game

because every day

I do the same.

— Alexis Shuler, fifth grade


Through A Trail Of Tears

There is a trail of tears,

And a number of hearts combined,

Though the journey is perilous,

We shall make it through,

For our hearts and souls are strong.

Come sit in my lap little one,

And do not be afraid,

For with combined hearts and souls,

We shall make it through.

Through the long perilous winter,

When food is not enough,


With me and you

We shall make it through.

— Joe Chad Lord, fourth grade

Hot Shots

When I play basketball

I am tough as nails

The other team moves like snails

During the game the teams are at war

Trying to get the next score

We slam dunk the last shot

Everyone cheers because we are so hot.

— Davion Everett, kindergarten

Fossil Poems

Finding remains of the past

Once our world was one huge continent

Skeletons from the dinosaurs lived

So much more to learn about prehistoric times

In the mountains we find stone stories of the past

Left footprints behind to make us curious.

— Erin Turner, second grade

Worldly Limericks

There once was a woman from Thailand

She married a pilot named Shiland

They got on a plane

The wife went insane

Still they had a baby they named Zailand

— Darnez Pringle, fifth grade

There once was a black dog from Chad

His owner made him really sad

He ate some good food

It helped with his mood

Then he felt really full and so glad

— Joe Chad Lord, fourth grade

There once was a man from Iran

Who always ate out of a can

It tasted so good

He jumped like he should

All the way to the big beach’s sand

— Logan Carder, fourth grade

I met a gamer from Fiji

I think his name was Luigi

He played Mario Kart

Got hit by a dart

And now he’s cooking spaghetti

— Myah Morant, fifth grade

There was a pink dino from Spain

His house was on Strawberry Lane

He told funny jokes

To all of the folks

Some people were so entertained!

— Isaiah Beaty, fifth grade

There once was a boy from Brazil

He was neat and always dressed to kill

He found a good date

She had some good traits

They became Mr. and Mrs. Jamil

— Zahreed McClinton, fifth grade

There once was a man from Qatar

He always slept in a nice car

The interior was fine

The speed was divine

He played the electric guitar

— Dhaval Patel, fifth grade

There once was a man from Finland

He came all the way back from London

He got very mad His family was sad

Then they all moved on back to Scotland

— Josh Turner, fifth grade

There was a surfer from Greenland

He had already surfed in Iceland

One cold day he froze

His head and his toes

So he moved to somewhere in Thailand

— Taya Lee, fifth grade

There was a nice witch from China

She moved to South Carolina

She had a black cat

That was really fat

She wore a black hat that was flat

— Tavia Ulmer, fifth grade

There once was a dog from Mumbai

He is blue and looked tie-die

He waggles his tail

He’s slow as a snail

His day always ends with a sigh

— Courtney Willis, fifth grade

There once was an old man in Greece

He went to see his pretty niece

She ate lots of food

Got in a bad mood

Because she was really obese

— Eric Ayala, fifth grade

There is a gold cat from Niger

His butler always called him sir

He fell in a ditch

But he was so rich

That he got cleaned up by his butler

— Anitra Bridges, fourth grade

There was an athlete from Mali

She had a good friend named Holly

They loved to run track

And eat a good snack

All that made them really jolly

— Mainaiya Myers, fourth grade

The Trail of Loud Cries

We all have sorrow.

This is where our ancestors were born and we wanted our children and their children to be born here too.

Now are wishes are gone.

However, our hearts are filled with hope.

No matter where we go, we are always going to have hope.

There will be hardships along the way,

We would have to take care of each other.

We will get very sick but we have to stay strong.

We will wrap the children and babies in nice warm blankets

And comfort them when they are sad.

Our feet are weary but we are not.

We are hungry but our hearts are full and filled.

We will stay strong through darkness,

Too strong to break through.

We will have hope, truth and courage

To go through the pitch black darkness

We will be happy no matter what hardships we face.

God will guide us he is our hope!

— Makenna Lykins, fourth grade

The Trail of Terrible Tears

The Trail of Tears we have forgotten this terrible time.

The terrible sight when the people were walking, not a single glance at what they were doing.

While the wind blows, and the trees shake, a silence is through the air.

One drop, no trickle. Snow begins to fall. To slowly dropping and dying out.

Winter, summer, spring, and fall all seem to go past so fast. But only a month has past by.

The month has gone by but just seems like a year.

People and children crying, whining, and sobbing while others walk or die out.

Tears running down their cheeks with a blink in their eye.

Always thinking.

Thinking of what they did wrong.

Weary feet and tired arms trying to build up strength. But too tired too weary to try.

By the end of the journey, more than 7,000 people dead in the snow. All of the walking and running, and sobbing we have done and still no shelter or no home.

In God We Trust!

— Laura Ajukwa, fourth grade

Nouns in Nature

A noun is a person, place or a thing.

Three words that cover a lot.

Once you start thinking person, places, and things, it’s hard to find words that are not!

Think person, mom, dad, brother, sister, uncle, auntie, grandpa, grandma, great grandpa, great grandma and more.

Now think places, mountains, meadow, hills, patches, beehives, caves, rivers, lakes, ponds, waterfalls, islands and much more.

Last but not least think things, flowers, bees, bears, plants, sun, moon, stars, dogs, cats, fish, turtles, snakes, bats, reptiles, and mammals but there’s more to add but not right now.

That’s my Nouns of Nature poem.

— Jaeda Meno, third grade

I Am

I am nice and loving.

I wonder what I will look like when I’m a teenager.

I hear my family watching TV.

I see the TV.

I want a limo.

I am nice and loving.

I pretend to be a rock star.

I feel good.

I touch my computer.

I worry if I get kicked out of school.

I cry when my mom and dad fight.

I am nice and loving.

I understand English.

I say, “I’m a winner.”

I dream about my family.

I try to not hurt myself.

I hope I go to the Philippines.

I am nice and loving.

— Lyka Panti, second grade

I Am

I am nice and careful.

I wonder why my baby sister cries a lot at our house.

I hear lots of kids yelling.

I see a lot of cars.

I want a limo.

I am nice and careful.

I pretent to be a super hero.

I feel happy.

I touch a lizard.

I worry about my baby sister.

I cry when I am sad.

I am nice and careful.

I understand I have to stay here.

I say that I am cool.

I dream to be a super hero.

I try to fly.

I hope to be a star.

I am nice and careful.

— Rogelio Arrendondo, second grade

I Am

I am special and nice.

I wonder why some people are nice.

I hear wonderful sounds.

I see a mouse in the bank.

I want a toy.

I pretend to be a cat.

I feel sad.

I am special and nice.

I touch a snake.

I worry about my cousin.

I cry because my mom spanks me.

I am special and nice.

I understand that I am not going to some body hourse.

I say, “Can I be your friend.”

I dream about Korea.

I try to eat my food.

I hope I grow up.

I am special and nice.

— Brenden Heo, second grade

I Am

I am nice and happy.

I wonder about a DS computer.

I hear a fan.

I see a tall building.

I want Wii games.

I am nice and happy.

I pretend I watch a movie when I go to sleep.

I feel excited.

I touch my legs.

I worry about my friend in Iceland.

I would cry if someone stole $100 dollars from me.

I am nice and happy.

I understand my friends are true.

I say, “I want a friend.”

I dream I had all the Wii games and all the remotes.

I try to do my best.

I hope I am an astronaut.

I am nice and happy.

— Eythor Thorisson, second grade

I Am

I am nice and pretty.

I wonder about my room.

I hear a car.

I see Disney Land.

I want a cup cake maker.

I am nice and pretty.

I pretend to ride a scooter.

I feel happy.

I wished I touched a shar.

I worry about my room.

I cry when my sister won’t let me do something.

I am nice and pretty.

I understand you can walk.

I say, “I have to do my home work.”

I dream I have all the toys.

I try to do good.

I hope I can become a doctor.

I am nice and pretty.

— Adriana Edwards, second grade

The Rain

I really love the rain

It’s just as fun at watching trains

I love to look at it and play in it

Love the smell of it

And to spin in it

Even though it makes my hair puffy

I love it like a brand new puppy

— Niyanna Pinnock, kindergarten


I like blueberries.

I eat blueberries.

I can smell blueberries.

Blueberries are blue and

they make me glad too!!!

— Kira Wooden, kindergarten

I have a dog

I sat on a log.

I don’t like frogs.

I have pink clogs, and it’s hard to see in the fog.

— Kaci Canady, kindergarten

Grape Jelly

I love grape jelly — it tastes yummy in my belly

I like to eat it all the time, on bread it’s my favorite kind

I make a sandwich everyday

I always make it before I play

I ask for it when I come home from school,

Sometimes I eat it with just a spoon

You should try peanut butter sometimes too,

But whatever you pick is up to you!

— Jordan Johnson, kindergarten

Frog hops in a lake

Snakes slide across a log

Dogs chase only 1 fat cat

— Anthony Buggs, kindergarten

What I Like

The things that I like are playing games,

But sometimes it might get lame!

I always wanted a dog; and boy they are the size of logs!

I love playing with my Dad but I sometimes get mad.

I like playing with my class and that will always last!

— Rodney Capers, kindergarten

My name is Donovan

I am number 3 of 4.

Animals and the game, Sonic, I like to explore.

My mommy says I am the sweetest and kindest of the bunch,

but I am very shy, even though I always have a hunch.

It is not that I am not smart, I am just unsure.

My teacher, Mrs. Anderson, always pushes me to score an “encore”!

— Donovan Bolt, kindergarten

I love chocolate

Because it tastes so sweet,

I love chocolate,

Because it is always so good to eat.

Yummy to my tummy

Chocolate, chocolate, chocolate

I love chocolate because it looks like me!

— Josias Addison, kindergarten

Color poems

If I were white

I’d be a big lump of vanilla ice cream

Or a white fur jacket

In the winter snow.

— Tavia Nash, second grade

If I were gold

I’d be the winning trophy

Or a funky shirt that says “I rock”

In the spotlight on the stage

— Jermoni Washington, second grade

If I were pink

I’d be a prickly but pretty rose

Or a fancy car for a diva

In the fast lane.

— Taylor Tucker, second grade

If I were orange

I’d be a giant sandcastle

Or an especially sharp pencil

In the writer’s hand.

— Josiah Johnson, second grade

If I were blue

I’d be the background of an artist’s painting

Or a friendly dolphin splashing

In an ocean full of waves.

— Elise Lee, second grade


Eating antelopes

Sneaking quietly on prey

Now in Africa

— Fabian Bridges, second grade


Proudly soaring high

Dropping down to pull up prey

Going back to its nest

— Isaiah Hamlette, second grade


Furry chinchilla

Shaking and hiding in fear

Blending to survive

— DeKira Wilson, second grade

Fossil Poem

Fantastic memories of the past

Old remains of the earth’s creatures

Some are bones, footprints, teeth or claws

Scientists who study them are paleontologists

Interesting places tell wordless stories

Long ago, the dinosaurs ruled but now have died

— Jermain Blanchard, second grade

Frozen by ice or covered in mud

Other softer parts rotted, leaving imprints

Scientists called paleontologists study them

Sometimes, scientists make mistakes with the bones

Impossible to solve all of the mysteries of the past

Leaving pictures of life long ago in my mind

— Myracle Broner, second grade


When Sorrow Comes to You

(After Matthew Dickman)

When Sorrow comes to you

as a grey elephant,

You have to push two beds together

and make her comfortable,

even though you truly want her

to leave.

She has been here before.

I stare at my watch,

and tell her I'm tired,

hinting for her to leave."Why are you here?"

I cannot make eye contact

with her.

She pulls a box of tissues

from beneath a fold of skin.

I push them away,

refusing her offer.

I bury my head in my

clammy palms.

— Geoffrey Corvi, ninth grade, PCA Literary Arts

Six Ways of Looking at a Fallen Tree Trunk


The fallen tree trunk is rough,

sturdy, mottled where insects

have chewed away its bark.


The fallen tree trunk is an uncle

who passes out on the couch

after Thanksgiving supper.


The fallen tree trunk is a pit

stop for weary hikers. It is

a termite tenement. It is

a poster child for Earth Day.


The fallen tree turnk is not

a renewable energy source.

V."Help!" cries the fallen tree trunk."I've fallen and I can't get up!"


The fallen tree trunk didn't

make a sound when it fell

because no one was around

to hear it.

— William Dye, 12th grade, PCA Literary Arts


A crudely drawn cat

with stick legs and one ear

displayed higher than any creation

I had made in that room.

There were days when I sat

reflecting on age and wisdom only tothrow crumpled balls to the floor.

Bring me lowered expectations.

Make me a child again,

so that when I create,

it's for presentation, not novelty.

Bring me ages three, four, five

before postulates and formulas

or rhetoric and analysis.

Make my refrigerator

my stage again.

Rid it of mediocrity and"He could do better work."

Bring me art class before there were lines

to draw outside of.

— Ben Catoe, 12th grade, PCA Literary Arts

My South

is Charleston, SC where

my whole family is.

The weekends are cookouts in

Aunt Janie's yard, where buckets

of crab legs

are thrown on the cracked

wooden table.

Easter Sunday is gettin up at six

Great Grandma's A.M.E. church

for sunrise service — eatin' grits and bacon afterward.

Summer is sippin' sweet red Kool-aid

doin' the electric slide.

It's the beauty shop that carries smoke from

hot combs, where you find out why Miss Sherylis datin' her client's boyfriend.

In my South, there's no huchin shoulders at your elders

and even if you get a spankin, there's a hug and kiss afterward.

— Ashley Cohen-Burnell, 12th grade, PCA Literary Arts


What keep popping up in my head is what happen;

He was not just a man, he was my twin, aka Granddaddy;

Around the table we'd laugh, talk, joke, and cut up together;

It seems like it was just yesterday, being naive,

just wishing this moment could last forever.

I would always come in, give him a hug & say, "Hey Granddaddy;"

He would always cut me off and say, "Kia gon head & fix you a sandwich."

He knew everything about me just like a book;

If something was wrong,

i could be silent & he could tell something was up;

What I’m going to really miss is his smiling face;

that always came with a glow and a warm embrace.

Never will nobody take his place.

I know i asked earlier what happened, but it's not for me to question God;

I know fo' sho' I got another Guardian Angel to look after me when times get hard;

At times I may get weak or my eyes may start to leak,

I just kneel down on my knees, to pray for guidance with this grief.

Life is too short & precious to hold on to grudges;

so could you please change some of this hate, anger, & animosity to loving!

I have lost a lot of love ones through the years,

and shed o' so many tears;

but just remember to live your life right;

live it to the fullest, b/c we do not know, when our time is near...

— Malakia Hutto, senior

The Carriage Ride

(after Roger Mitchell)

I am not sure why I want to tell it,

Since the carriage was not mine

And I was not there. But when I tell it,

The carriage rocks rhythmically

And the horses' hooves of pound

The lanky president and his wife

Mother we must resolve to be happy

For we have our whole future ahead of us.

His eyes filled before with grief,

Shine brighter. Hands entwined,

She looks at him. "Tonight we will go

To the theatre. I know you will love it.""Mother, I always enjoy your company."

— Carrie McIntosh, ninth grade, PCA Literary Arts


(after Roger Mitchell)

I am not sure why I want to tell it since the hand

was not mine, and I was not there.

But when I tell it, he stands among his flalen

army. They don't have blankets

to protect them against the winter chill.

None of them aware he's staring.

None aware he feels every pain inflicted

upon them. Then one of the fallen reaches up,

Perhaps not to him, but somehow their hands meet,

In every version, everywhere, they grip

each other until one loses

strength and drops to the ground.

— Gaal Almor, ninth grade, PCA Literary Arts

Inauguration 2009

"The wisdom of broken soldiers"

I. I didn't eat breakfast and decided to let the growls of an empty

stomach to consume me.

II. While pressing the Winter Blues uniform I scream at the four walls

what I knew or thought I knew.

III. "You might ... you will win honor platoon" Sergeant Major says

noticing how we have become one.

IV. "Changing the color of your skin will not change you"

Looking at the new scars and trying to forget them from training.

Was it worth it?

— ChriSean Blanche, ninth grade, PCA Literary Arts

The Story of the Red Pillow

Written in celebration of Abraham Lincoln's 200th birthday

I am not sure why I want to tell it

Since the pillow was not mine and I was not there.

And, at first, it may not have been red.

But when I tell it, though, it is red.

Bursting through the doors, they thrust him

across the bed the wrong way.

His limbs limp and long,

his fingers gnarled in pain.

The doctor probes once more,

not finding the bullet.

Propping his head on the pillow,

that may or may not have been red.

The next morning,

The pillow, now red,

is in its proper position.

— Kamry Goodwin, ninth grade, PCA Literary Arts

Why did it take so long?

January 20, 2009

"here where the pine trees bleed..."*

I. Today is tomorrow's yesterday. The past has weighed us down too long.

II. Another South Carolinian soldier died yesterday. What's left of his body will be sent back. Now he is torn. We are torn. He was at war

protecting me. A war we shouldn't even be fighting.

III. Things change, even when people don't want them to. The old forest that rested behind our backyard for years was ravished by wood hungry builders yesterday. The world is changing. The world has changed. I stare at clear cut space and pick up the last leaf.

* Kwame Dawes, "New Day"

— Molly Shields, ninth grade, PCA Literary Arts



That which you see, that which you don’t,

The pain you’ll feel, the death you won’t,

Through the darkness within, a light shines out,

The want, the need, to scream, to shout,

To break the silence, through all, throughout,

On Earth there is silence, it’s all that’s left,

The silence is shadows, the shadows are death.

— Ryland Sundby, 10th grade


Second Chances

I’m starting over,

Gaining a second chance

In a life

That I thought was

So screwed up.

Second chances

Are all I need,

To tell you the truth,

I really just

Need to appreciate


For who I am

Not who I


Want to be.

I’m changing,

I think,

Better and better - every

Single day

See, my heartache has started

to melt away.

— Abigail Hall, eighth grade