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Like Swinney, Horn's contract boasts incentives

Given the relative interest of each sport around here, few figured they would see the day that the football coach at one of the state's two major schools was earning the same or less than both of the major basketball coaches. But such is the case, apparently.

The contract for Clemson's Dabo Swinney was released Thursday, revealing that the no-longer-interim coach will earn a guaranteed base salary of $800,000 - the same as South Carolina men's basketball coach Darrin Horn, and less than the $1 million Clemson men's basketball coach Oliver Purnell earns.

(Moral of the story, the next time those three guys and Steve Spurrier go out for dinner, Spurrier better pick up the check.)

Swinney's deal, as my colleague Paul Strelow outlines in today's paper, has a few other wrinkles. If Clemson makes the ACC title game, Swinney's contract will balloon that year to equal the median of other ACC coaches (believed to be around $1.5 million.) He also gets a $50,000 bonus for academics, and a $750,000 longevity bonus.

As for Horn, it's fair to say he has an incentive-laden contract. Besides the guarantee of $800,000 (which technically is $250k for base salary and $500k for personal services) he gets the following:

Between $25,000-$250,000 in NCAA tournament bonuses: $25,000 for making it, $35,000 for making the second round, $50,000 for the Sweet 16, $75,000 for the Elite 8, $100,000 for the Final Four, $150,000 for the championship game, $250,000 for winning the whole thing. (Please note these are not all lumped together. For instance, winning the NCAA championship would result in a bonus of $250,000, not anything more).

$50,000 - for each increase of 1,000 full-pay season tickets sold for men's basketball over the previous season. (This was not met this season, thanks apparently to the economy).

$20,000 - for winning the SEC regular-season title or the SEC tournament, and $10,000 more if he wins both. (The Gamecocks only shared the Eastern Division title this year, so nothing reached here either.)

$10,000 - for winning 20 games, the one incentive Horn did reach this year.

$15,000 - for finishing in the top 25 of the final AP or coaches poll.

$10,000 - for being named SEC coach of the year by the AP or coaches.

$25,000 - for being the national coach of the year by AP or Naismith.

$25,000 - for winning the NIT tournament.