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W. Columbia police show photos of car theft suspect

West Columbia police today released photos of a suspected car break-in thief.

“We think she’s done between two and 12 break-ins,” said city Maj. Jackie Brothers.

Brothers said it was hard to say whether there is more than one car break-in thief there’s been a rash of car break-ins lately.

The incidents, which began about April 21, have occurred in parking lots throughout the city.

Police also described the suspect as female, about 30 years old, 5 feet, and 110 to 130 lbs. She has short, blond hair.

The photographs police released today were taken when the suspect used a credit card stolen from one of the vehicles that had been broken into.

The suspect may or may not be working alone, Brothers said.

Brothers said a thief or thieves recently stole purses as well as electronic gadgets like GPS units from cars. Some cars have been unlocked. In others, the suspect or suspects gained entry by breaking a window or jimmying a lock.

Brothers warned people to lock cars and not to leave items on seats where thieves can see them.

“We are seeking the help of the public in identifying this suspect,” Chief Dennis Tyndall said.