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Should Spurrier ax Axon?

Steve Spurrier has a decision to make on Ben Axon, the Tampa-area recruit arrested this week on charges of possession with marijuana with intent to sell.

Several times this spring Spurrier has used the metaphor of one rotten apple spoiling the whole bunch, and at least one of his Gamecock Club stops, said he probably should have “run off” more of the problem players in the past.

Just this week, when discussing the academic achievements of freshmen Jarvis Giles, Stephon Gilmore and DeVonte Holloman, Spurrier said USC had “a lot better quality players right now that want to do everything right.”

According to published reports in Florida, Axon was a passenger in a car stopped by Bradenton police Wednesday night. The officer smelled marijuana, and Axon showed him 23 baggies of marijuana that he said belonged to him.

When his players have been arrested for possession charges in the past, Spurrier generally has allowed them to return to the team after the charges were resolved through PTI, etc. (Ladi Ajiboye’s situation was a little different because he also had academic issues, but he has since been reinstated.)

But possession with intent to sell, obviously, is a more serious offense. Is it serious enough that Spurrier should pull his scholarship? I guess it depends on Axon’s background and whether Spurrier and his staff believe this is an isolated incident.

Initially, it appeared Spurrier might not have a decision to make at all, as Axon was reported to be on the bubble as far as qualifying. But I’m told the tailback now looks to be in good shape academically and on track to qualify.

So what do you think Spurrier should do? What do you think he will do?

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